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:iconjace-hemlock: -Jace is testing out the new cooking equipment.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: -Morgana's looking at the weird foods they got.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: And these were the most normal foods we could find... (((.o -He's studying the translated instructions.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Maybe vee could make a calamari-like dish vith zee tentacle zings. -They wiggle and twitch. No amount of beating with a meat tenderizer makes them stop.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes.. maybe some tempura... (((.o; They certainly are fresh...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: It'a a bit unsettling, mm?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: A little... I hope I'll be okay eating it... (((.o

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I'll give it a taste first.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Thank you, love... I wonder if I just need to get used to eating these foods...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: At least not for too long. -She kisses his cheek.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ :heart: I would like to be able to handle it... -He puts some kind of oil into the pan.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Ve'll be really careful. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Okay, love... (((_^ Maybe I'll be okay if we don't add too many spices... -He touches the control pad area and the oil starts heating up. It seems to get hot very quickly.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I like spices, but I suppose since zese are new, ja.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: We can spice yours up if you like... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: If I enjoy zee taste. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Wow, this this heats up so quickly... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: It's certainly efficient. o o

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes... Let's batter these tentacles... (((.o -He starts cutting them up in small pieces.-

-They squirm even more when cut! Morgana's looking at a sky-blue mush with purple spots they got. It smells really sweet, though... almost like vanilla.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Mm... I could probably make some sort of dessert from zis one, like a pudding or custard.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: That sounds good... (((_^ Oh.. Oh my... These things are slippery... -He puts the little pieces into some batter and tosses them into the oil.-

-They make a soft eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee noise, but at least they finally stop wiggling.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: -shudders- Vhat a horrible noise.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He shivers a little.- That gave me goosebumps all over... (((_o

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Same here. o o; -She starts squashing the spotted lump down with a rolling pin.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Maybe we should have gotten a cookbook to help us... (((_^ -He removes the tentacle bits from the oil when they look done. They seem appetizing, at least.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Check your apps? Maybe they have recipes you can download.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Ah, right... (((_^ But I think these things came out well... I hope they taste good...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zey look and smell really nice.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I agree... (((_^ -He chops up some veggies that seem harmless enough.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: -She puts some sweet-smelling spices in a bowl, along with the spotted goop.- Vhat else do vee need?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Hmm... drinks..? (((_^ -He fries up some veggies, too.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Drinks, mm?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes... We picked up that exotic fruit juice... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Ah, right. Not sure vhat to do vith it, unless you vant it iced.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I think it will be good as it is., but icing it might be nice... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: You have any ice moves, still?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: In fact, my Ice Beam still works... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vunderbar! ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: -He gets out the juice and gives it a little freeze until it turns to slush.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Perfect. ^^ I hope all zis tastes nice togezer.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: It all smells good... (((_^ Let's try it...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: All right. ^^ -She gets out what she assumes to be a fork and digs in.-

:iconjace-hemlock: -He waits to see if she thinks it's okay for him.- (((_^ :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Oh... vhat a strange flavor.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((.o Is it a good strange..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: It tastes strangely like pork.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: That seems alright... (((.o -He sniffs at a piece and nibbles it.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: It's not really spicy, zough.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: That's probably best for me... -He eats it slowly.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vhat do you zink?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I think it tastes good.. but I'll have to see how my stomach takes it... -He eats a little more.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Just take it slow. ^^ -She eats some too.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I am... (((_^ -He tries his juice.- Mmm, that's pretty good, too...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: -She shivers.- It's so cold!

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Oh..! It must be strange for you... (((.o

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Ja, I'm not used to zat anymore. ^//^;

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ I'll warm you up... -He puts his tail around her.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^ Danke, liebling. :heart: -She eats a little more alien calamari.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: You're welcome, love... (((//^ :heart: -He eats slowly.-
Amber and I have done some various Skype RPs for the current space event, so we thought why not post a few of them? ^_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: RPed by :iconpowerwing-amber:
:iconjace-hemlock: RPed by :iconrapha-chan:

In this RP, Jace and Morgana have bought some weird alien food, so they decide to test out the strange cooking equipment they got at the mall.

:iconmorgana-vomer: is © to :iconpowerwing-amber:
Pokemon is © to The Pokemon Company
:iconjace-hemlock: is mine! :heart:
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