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Hylics: Wayne can't see a damn thing!

Character  Wayne (Hylics)Character  Atowas (Hylics OC)
Trust exercises are important for team building! 8D

Or maybe tiny Atowas just wants to get a Wayne's eye view!

Either way, Wayne isn't confident about this situation. She might get distracted by a cute animal and steer him right off a cliff! Not that it would be the first time he walked off a cliff with her on his back, and that was his idea! She trusted him then, so he better trust her now. ^^

You can find out more about Atowas, here!

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Hylics & Wayne are © to Mason Lindroth.
Atowas is © to Powerwing-AmberTight Hug

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Aww! Thank you for drawing Atowas again. :love: She looks so cute! Wayne doesn't look too happy about being blinded, though. ;P

Her hands make him look a little more surreal than usual. XD

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I'm gonna draw her many times, I bet! ^-^ Wayne will either get over it or regret it when they fall down the stairs or he trips on a larva. ^^;

As soon as I drew her hands in my sketch, I started laughing. XD

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;w; I'm glad she's become such a big hit for you.

Just as long as the larva isn't hurt, they'll be fine. (And if Atowas' face doesn't touch anything, of course.)

I started laughing when I thought the unfinished work was Ata flashing the audience. XD;;

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She and Wayne are so cute together! 🌙💗⚫

The larva might be startled, but not hurt.