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Hylics: Scribbles And Wayne Jr.

Scribbles loves Wayne's kitties! He loves to rub his face in their fur and let them bat at his tail! He especially loves the littlest one, which Atowas has affectionately named Wayne Jr! (Wayne Jr. is a girl, btw.) Silentkitty

Scribbles also learns a lot from the kitties, like how to meow and knead people's laps! What a good boi! Meow :3

Hylics & Wayne Larva are © to Mason Lindroth.
Scribbles is mine! c:

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Such cute babies! The teeniest babies! :love:💗

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The smols always stick together! X3 💛

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Yes, always! >w<

Atowas: Wayne, guess what? I have good news and bad news. .w.

Wayne: What's the good news?

Atowas: The good news is, I named the teeniest kitty 'Wayne Jr.'!

Wayne: .... And the bad news?

Atowas: It's a girl kitty! .w. 💗

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Could've been worse news. XD; Wayne didn't know Catto's gender until she started spontaneously making babies. Maybe even that wasn't enough to tip him off, being from a species where the males can also make spontaneous babies!

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Oh, right. I guess he would be pretty clueless about that. XD;