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Hylics: Moon Larvae Babies!

Here we have three of Wayne's 108 babies, according to :iconpowerwing-amber: and my Hylics headcanon lore! The two of us have come up with a lot of ideas on how things work in the Hylics world, so anything I post will probably be in accordance to our lore and stories. ^_^ These are the three larvae who've had the most focus and development, so far. It's hard to keep up with 108! I think I've fainted.

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

Decres is one of the biggest babies. She's the only female in the brood, as female Waynes are a very rare occurrence. She's a very responsible larva and she watches over her brothers, keeping bullies in check and protecting the smaller ones. Wayne may not admit it, but she's his favorite. He's very proud of her and she tries to keep it that way. She also loves doing somersaults!

Peanut is a tiny troublemaker, although he doesn't intend to make trouble, but he still manages to do so quite often due to his curious and adventurous nature. He's likely to rush into things without fear or thinking of the consequences. He wants to go on adventures like his mom/dad (Wayne) and he thinks his big sister is the coolest! Peanut loves his baby brother, Scribbles, and wants to protect him at all costs.

Scribbles is the tiniest of the larvae and the only one smaller than Peanut. He is a runt and was born with some deformities, but he tries his hardest to do his best and has proven himself to be quite intelligent. He's very attached to his mama, Atowas, but Scribbles is full of love for everyone he sees. He loves animals, cuddles, and being with his mama and mom/dad as much as possible.

Hylics & Wayne Larva are © to Mason Lindroth.
Decres concept is Powerwing-Amber's! :3
Scribbles and Peanut concepts are mine! c:

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Aww! Look at all of the babies! >w< 💞 I know it'll be hard to develop all 108 babies (plus an uncle baby on the way!), but I feel like it's slowly happening.

Decres is so big compared to the other two. X3 Peanut looks heccin cute with his freckles (too bad you can't see his little head spot in the back) and Scribbles looks so cute with his squiggle mouth and fat neck. 💗 Aww, but he lost the little round joint in his stump, so now he's even stumpier. What happened? 😟

The new shading here looks pretty cool. It's still you, but it has a little bit of that Hylics feel, I think. :meow: Also, you remembered the color of their tongues now! YAY! :dummy:

Rapha-chan's avatar

If we develop all 108+, we might have to draw them all. XD;

Decres is the biggest girl! Almost ready to pupate! ^-^ Peanut's birthmark will have to get shown, sometime. XD And Scribbles' stump still has the joint. It's just hiding behind his body, so only the stumpy end is showing. ^^ Don't worry, nothing happened to his leg.

Thank you, friend! I thought the shading was a little more Hylics-y, too. =) I like their little, blue tongues. XD

Powerwing-Amber's avatar

Maybe we will someday. XD; I definitely am planning on drawing Smol Wayne and Nomad in the future.

Aww, good! I thought maybe his little ball joint fell off at some point from walking on it too much. I'm glad that's not the case, though. ^^

You're welcome, my friend! :meow:

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I'm sure more babies will gradually develop more personality and quirks. ^-^

Oh no! He doesn't walk on his stub leg. He holds it up and compensates with his other legs. =)