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Hylics: Larva In Crisis!

Well, here I go with the drama. I can only go so long before I start getting dramatic up in here! As usual, a lot of this stuff is based on Powerwing-Amber's and my Hylics RPs and headcanons.

Scribbles is a very lucky larva. He was the last to hatch and the runt of the brood. Wayne and Atowas went out to check on the larvae, only to find that the final egg in the clutch had hatched into a tiny, sickly, deformed, and quite honestly, dying larva. Wayne's first instinct was to mercifully snap the newborn into oblivion, putting it out of its misery. He only meant well, as the baby was suffering and it seemed it would be dead very soon as it was. Wayne told Atowas not to look as he prepared to snap, but she knew what he was up to and she stopped him just in time. Atowas insisted that she would save the larva. If there was even the smallest chance he could survive, she wouldn't give up on him. Wayne argued that this would only end in heartbreak if she got attached to the larva and it ended up dying, anyway, but she wouldn't take no for an answer. She scooped up the baby and carried him into the house, leaving Wayne consumed with guilt and dreading the emotional trauma that would ensue if her efforts failed.

Of course, Atowas did successfully nurse the larva to health and she named him Scribbles. He still has a hard time handling solid food and his coordination isn't the best, but no wayne larva has ever been more loving and affectionate. He loves snuggles, pets, eating, belly rubs, playing with the kitties, his squeaky toy, and his big brother, Peanut. His favorite thing, however, is being with his mama and mom/dad as much as possible, whether he's playing tag with Atowas or plucking at Wayne's guitar strings! It's highly likely that due to his developmental issues, Scribbles may never be able to morph to the next stage, but even if he's a larva for the rest of his life, he's going to make the best of it!

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Powerwing-Amber's avatar

Awww.... what a sad story. Poor Scribbles! ;A;

I'm glad he's doing so much better now, even though he had a hard start in life.

Also, Wayne isn't at fault for what he attempted to do, so he shouldn't feel guilty. c:

Rapha-chan's avatar

:c ! Good thing he doesn't even really remember all this. He was too out of it to know what was going on! Also we can RP a more detailed version later. :)

But he was kinda? Wayne would have felt bad in any case, but he ended up feeling even worse when Scribbles survived, even though he was also relieved at the same time. He's okay now, tho. He loves his adorable, smol son. X3

Powerwing-Amber's avatar

I know we will. (And I will be very sad!)

But, Wayne wasn't doing it to be malicious. I guess it would be like putting down a pet that was suffering . He just thought Scribbles was going to die, so there's no use in prolonging his agony. Wayne didn't think Atowas was capable of being such a freakin' nurse. XD;

Rapha-chan's avatar

It's very sad, even if he was trying to do the best thing he knew how.