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Hylics: Just A Hallucination

Character  Wayne (Hylics)
I'm back with another one of my patented attempts at anatomy! =P (Razz) On my previous installment of shirtless Wayne, I drew him from behind for... reasons, so this time it's a front view! This is just to show my headcanon on Wayne's physique; I'm not trying to be a degenerate or anything! Meow :3 He is cute, tho!

Anyways, as you can see, Wayne is a little bit skinny-fat. This is because he's a lazy-arse who likes to veg out on the couch and eat burritos for every meal. He only does a lot of physical activity when it's required, so he's definitely not a hardbody with this lifestyle. In Powerwing-Amber's and my RPs, Atowas has been living with Wayne and she makes more healthy meals, but she tends to make A LOT of food and she's a good cook, so he just eats more. Sweating a little... It's no wonder he's a little squishy and he's not ashamed of it, either. He says his muscle's still under there. No worries.

The title is a reference to how Atowas believed his larval legs were hallucinations because she's too shy to look at him directly when his shirt is off. XD

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Hylics & Wayne are © to Mason Lindroth.

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Ata will probably never look. Sorry! .w. But Somy, on the other hand... keep an eye out!

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BELIEVE IT! I'm pretty sure it's very believable...

Maybe it's for the best. Wayne's tired of cleaning up all the blood. XD; Somy is always lurking and abusing her key privileges! 👀

Powerwing-Amber's avatar

Well, I dunno.. 8I

Btw, I don't think the meals Ata makes are that much healthier. The fat and calories are about the same. The sugar and sodium might be much lower, though. Also no artificial flavors or dyes!

Somsnosa says the house keys are a right, not a privilege. =P

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Yeah, you're right, but at least it's more nutritional than eating only burritos and maybe some other take-out. ^^;

Wait... wut? That's not how it works!