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Hylics: I'm Baby

By Rapha-chan
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How are these baby Waynes so heccin' cute?!

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Hylics & Wayne Larva are © to Mason Lindroth

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© 2021 Rapha-chan
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Cute, but creepy child. (It's the legs, I'm sorry!)

I'll still pet it, though. ~w~ :heart:

You got this done so fast! DANG!

Rapha-chan's avatar

I gave it creepier legs than needed, too! XD;

I want to pet them all! 💗

I don't know what happened for me to do this one so fast! 8o

Powerwing-Amber's avatar

Yes, yes you did. XD;

I don't know what you did, but you should do it again! 8)

Rapha-chan's avatar

The next one will be sexy. That's all I can say. 🥮