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Hylics: Baby larva is ready to eat solid food...

Character  Wayne (Hylics)Character  Wayne Larva (Hylics) the shape of his mom/dad's burrito.

Last week, Powerwing-Amber sent me this video:

She said it was Scribbles if Wayne was holding him while eating. It only took me an hour to sketch this picture. XD

Plz do not feed Scribbles a burrito. No matter what he thinks, he can't handle solid food yet and he will puke if he eats it. ^^;

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Wayne & Wayne Larva © Mason Lindroth
Scribbles is my babu! Moon

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Aww! Scribbles REALLY wants to eat it, though! So cute! :heart: Wayne looks pretty annoyed, though. XD;

You got this finished so fast! 8) You should be proud!

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Scribbles is probably waiting for his own food and that burrito looks so good! :O~ Of course Wayne is annoyed. He doesn't want to share or get puked on. XD; Also he doesn't want to make Scribbles sick!

Thanks, friend! It would have been faster, but work ruined me! :[

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Scribbles would want to eat it, even if he's full (just like with Ata's spaghetti!).

It's good that Wayne's preventing him from eating it, though. What a good mom/dad. .w.

It's okay. I never held that against you. =)

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Yeah, he would always want it, no matter what, unless he was feeling sick, which is what he would be if he ate burrito. Wayne is improving his parenting skills. XD