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FFXV: Viridian Lux Tenebris

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"Karma's a bitch, hun."

Well, well, well, what have we here? Something new? Something that's not Pokemon or Sonic?

So, I've been obsessed with Final Fantasy XV for about a year, now, and here I go with making a fan char for it, so I can insert her in and go about living my fantasies through her. You know, the self-indulgent reason people make fan chars. :p Yes, I am a grown-ass woman and I'll do what I want.

I don't really have a lot to say right now because I'll have a proper profile for her later. Basically Viri is a human who had her DNA spliced with tonberry DNA in one of Niflheim's many shady experiments. I'm gonna leave her a bit mysterious for now. :meow:

One guess on who picked out her pants, tho.

FFXV is © Square Enix
Viri is mine!
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Oh gawd, she has a fanny pack...

I cannot pronounce her name to save my life, but this new tonberry/human gurl looks pretty interesting. 8o

And yes, who DID pick out her pants!?
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Rapha-chanHobbyist General Artist
Fanny packs are back in style. Did you not know? 8D

Her name is pretty much pronounced just how it looks. It means "green" and "light in darkness." I hope she will be interesting, even if you don't know much about the game. I really like her. ^^

Spoilers: Prompto picked out her pants. =P He's obsessed with chocobos.
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They should have died in the 90's, dammit! D8 The only place fanny packs should be allowed are in amusement parks and even THERE, they don't allow them!

Well, I'm along for the ride, that's for sure. As long as Viri isn't a Mary-Sue, I'll be happy to see her development. :meow:

Would you say he picked them out... PRONTO? 8D
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Rapha-chanHobbyist General Artist
They actually don't allow them? 8o But that's the best use for one, ever! I used to put my glasses in mine before riding roller coasters, so they didn't fly off. XD It was also great for carrying my Walkman. =]

I'll drag you, kicking and screaming! Come With Me She might try to be a Mary-Sue, but she won't get what she wants so easily!

Yes! I might even go so far as to say it was an... IMPROMPTU decision! 8D
Now guess who picked out her undies... =x
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Maybe it's only the amusement parks near my area, but I doubt it. They banned them three years ago and I don't remember why. XP

Don't Mary-Sue, or I'll lose interest fast. XP Also, don't drag me. You'll get dirt stains on my pants. 8<

You knooooow whaaaaat...? That's what I meant, but I forgot the word and my joke was ruined! 8(

I miss 11 hours ago... when I didn't know that existed.
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Rapha-chanHobbyist General Artist
That is dumb. 8c Looks like the park near me has banned them from being worn while on rides, but not banned from the park completely.

I don't think she's too bad. Rapha is worse, even after I fixed her, she's still worse. ^^;
Okay, I'll just casually stroll and you can follow if you want to. c:

The joke was not ruined!
Well, she's not gonna go commando!
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I think mine have banned them completely, but man... on rides is the most important part of having a fanny pack. XP

Perhaps, but I didn't know better back then. >p
That's better!

If you say so. =]

I'd rather never know the answer. It doesn't need to be answered. Thanks.
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Rapha-chanHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, what's the point if you can't have it on the rides? XP

You've always known better than me. I'm so much more shameless! But it's okay. I think I know what I'm doing!
Fine, I'll keep my secrets...
(I tried so hard to find the Frodo face, but no one has a icon of it on dA?!)
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