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PKMNA: Luvs In The Moonlight by Rapha-chan, visual art


PKMNC: Cooking Contest - Grilled Cheese, Anyone? by Rapha-chan, visual art


PKMNA: Beside Herself by Rapha-chan, visual art


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Hi, I'm Rapha! I'm 43 years old and the only thing I'm too old for is your drama. =P I'm an aro/ace who thirsts only for fictional mans. I frost donuts on the graveyard shift, which is perfect for a zombie like me! :donut: :zombie: When I'm not at work, I can often be found asleep or chatting with Powerwing-Amber. Sometimes I even do art!

My current obsessions are Final Fantasy XV and Hylics. The only similarity between these two things is that they're both video games. XD I also enjoy Sonic, TMNT, Mario, Pokemon, Transformers, Zelda, Animal Crossing, X-Men, Batman, Star Trek, Star Wars... The list goes on and on, really. I'm just a big nerd when it comes down to it. :nerd:

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As you might have noticed, I have a Hylics obsession that's kicked into high gear. Also, my stuff is aggressively head canoned. This is just a word of warning. LOL

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Happy Birthday Raph-chan :party:
^-^ you're welcome hope you had a awesome birthday