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Mother's Love


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Mother's Love


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Remember Leonard Nimoy (Stars)

Emotes and Icons

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The Road Home


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L - Death Note

Death Note Fanart

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The wish


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The Hobbit: Bad Influence

Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Tolkien

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Learn German - German Etiquette


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Showreel 2012

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Sherlock Casanova

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Deviantart Glitches - stamp

Deviant Stamps

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How to Deal with Twilight Fans

How to Deal With a Twilight Fan A comprehensible guide to incomprehensible fans. Many people against Twilight share the same reasons for disliking it. It’s stereotypical, poorly written, and lacks any plot and originality. It has brainwashed millions of teenage girls — and their parents — and painted a false portrait of love. Men close to these twitards are held to higher standards of perfection. Young girls are setting themselves up for complete disappointment when they discover that no, boys are not made of gorgeous marble. Many twitards respond with “YOU SUCK OMG HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THEM THEY’RE SO HAWT.”

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Synaptic Pathways

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The Hobbit: Cultural Exchange


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Check Out My Rocks


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Yay Science

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Kimmie Morning Dream Stock

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Dead end

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My Little Pony

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Ace Speedpaint

One Piece and Portgas D. Ace

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Kitty Blue

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Dream Bilbo

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It Comes in Pints!


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