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The art of the gentle hoof.



“While Bulk is used to massaging ponies on his day job and with some luck bring em some relief rather than bend them into some weird shape permanently, the strong pony very rarely gets the chance to have a massage himself.  When he brought that up during a casual conversation with Shy, the yellow mare was quick to offer him a chance to get  a little back rub himself. Even if a little incredulous about how such a gentle delicate mare could get even close of delivering the sort of punch he would need  to reach the deep tissue impact needed to make him really feel a massage, he promptly accept it, as the big pony really felt unable to say no to those soft blue eyes. To an enormous surprise, as the light mare sat on his back, she started delivering blow after blow in all the right places. Her soft hooves hitting hard and precise pinches to all the right muscles, making him feel his body more and more numb.

After she finished an extremely relaxed and even more curious Bulk went to ask her where she had learned such amazing skills. “Well, I guess you are not so different from a bear.” she said with the most sincere smile.”

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Sado-Masochistic pleasures.