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Story Time

The sly genie and the 3 princesses
They were in an expedition. They needed to prove themselves, to show that they could handle pretty much of anything at anytime and thus Rosalina, Peach and Daisy, three royalties from altogether different kingdoms, had decided to venture through a known-to-be-hostile land. Many options had been available, yet one did tempt the three and it was the jungles of India, a place known for its exotic animals, its lush vegetation and how dangerous it could be. With the three of them on the case, their exploration could be nothing but fun and discoveries as they had packed their things, gotten matching outfits and ventured into what was unknown to th
*Story Added* Scylea Pulled Under (Part 3)
Spider Call (Erotic Story)
Island of Peril
"Chelsea, Chelsea wake up!" a worried Bethany said slapping her friend's face gently with her palm.  "Please, don't leave me wake up!" she shouted as a few tears fell from her cheeks and splashed onto her friends, closed eyes. "N..ngnn....Beth?" Chelsea slowly opened her eyes to the sound of her friend's voice, confused to why she had such panic in her voice. "Chelsea, thank God you are ok!" Bethany cried while hugging her friend tightly. Bethany's long raven hair was pulled into a tight pony tail and swayed with the sudden motion of hugging her friend.  Her large breasts were partially concealed with a black-sleeveless blouse with multipl
Island of Peril Part two
"Beth!!! Beth No!!!!!" Regaining her second wind, Chelsea resumed her fierce struggling against the arachnid's web, a look of pure anger directed at the spider looming overhead. "You're going to pay for that!!!!" she shouted in defiance at the face of what could be her own death. The giant spider must have had a leg span of four feet and that was the smaller pair of its eight total legs.  It landed on the web next to Chelsea and reached down for her struggling body.  With a pair of its legs it poked the web next to her as though to gage where its new prey would be.  With quick movements it moved its back leg to its spinnerets and pulled a s
A Sticky Lesson
A Sticky Lesson A story by: Spiderweber and Solidzesnake Ms. Tracy sat at her desk, waiting for her class to end. It was the final one of the day, and she was ready to just go home and relax. Unfortunately, she still had some papers to grade before leaving. She glanced up from her desk to the sight of most of the boys looking at her before quickly turning away as if they were innocently staring around the room. Ms. Tracy didn't wear the usual teacher's attire her one piece dress hugged her curvatious body like a glove, showing off her round buttocks and plump breasts, but such a thin waist. Ms. Tracy giggled slightly, "Ok, that's enoug
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