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This is my official commission info journal for keychain commissions, I'll update it when needed

Please keep in mind due the nature of this commission type, this will only be open at specified times for PREORDER in order to not a place individual order or a single commission and also to save shipping costs 

For regular commission info go here: [X]



Prices for 3.5in Chibi key chains:

  • Prices start at $60 for flats color*
  • Prices start at $70 for Cell Shaded *
*(prices vary on character details, subject, etc)

07855adb-7add-4ae6-a332-97bbbd455dc1 by rap1993

Additional Info:
All orders come with a total of TWO keychains of your commission and also come double sided at no additional cost and the option for glitter on one side as a free option!

You also have the choice of what areas are transparent/see-through on your commission (like for bottles, crystals, water, etc), and SIMPLE BG (background) like a solid color, basic shapes (circles, hearts, stars, etc)(sample on the left)), logo, etc have no additional charge to a certain point. If you have no BG idea, it will be transparent as shown above with a simple outline (sample on the right). 
The other side of your key chain (Side B) also has the choice of a expression change (blinking, winking, etc),color changes to a certain point, and/or adding text or speech bubbles or text can be added at no additional cost*

  • *Please keep in mind if you want vastly different work on side B and you don't have a BG that can cover any changes on side B, the artwork on both sides HAS TO align together or it will not look seamless like the samples

Additional charges for the key chains:

       + Adding a BG = $10 - 20+ (Depends on the BG, may or may not have no charge)

       + Additional character(s) = $25 each

       + Completely different art on side B = $20+ (depends on whats requested)

       + Additional keychain commission in the same order = $40 each (MAX 2 commissions per person)

Shipping info:

Once the commission is completed and you approve of the artwork, the art will be sent out to the manufacturer to be made and then shipped to me to shipped to you in a package that I will make sure to have your commission protected and undamaged as its on its way to your home.

Shipping costs are included for first class shipping for US buyers, shipping rates vary for international buyers and tracking is added at no additional charge. If you want upgraded shipping (like Priority Shipping), there will have additional charges.

Commission form:

  • Commission type:
  • Reference pictures:
  • Details of what you want me to draw:
  • Side A: (this is the main artwork)
  • Side B: (put down if you want anything different on side B, otherwise put N/A and it will be the same artwork on both sides)
  • Poses: (if you want)
  • Any extra details you want me to know about:
  • Address(s) to have the stickers sent to: 
  • Have your read all of my rules and conditions and accept my terms?: (yes/no)

Thank you for reading, drop me a note with any questions! <3

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