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Hershey and Amai references

My sushi doggies i got from a trade with witchpaws ; w; im still working on her other two plushies so ill get another soosh or two, up to her, but anways V wV Here are Hershey *my fiance named him >:C i was gonna name him Kekeru* And Amai~

Hershey is A ferreror rocher sushi dog and Amai is a Strawberry Sundae crunch bar x3! 

they are my soosh couple :p i like their colors and such <3 i tried my best to imitate the style but im not very good at mimicking peoples styles in the least ; w; *Cries 5 ever* 

Amai and Hershey belong to me
Sushi dogs are a closed species created by witchpaws V wV

here are the offical drawings:
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I made a wiggy of amai for evilsylveon a while back c':
Rap-Monstah's avatar
may i see ; A;???
dumplinq's avatar
She said she do owned her a while back
It's in <for you<icons
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Hershey lookin handsome
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i'm pixeling amai hohoHoHO
Rap-Monstah's avatar
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OMG! They are sooo cute!!!! >.<
Amai looks very lovely! :heart:
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thank you ; w;! shes one of the first sooshes i ever got.
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Tasty looking,and so cute :3
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Aaaah, your Hershey is so cute! :D Amai is adorable, too. I love her colors. Hershey's, too.
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than kyou ; w; witchpaws did an awesome job!
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omg cuties :iconcryforeverplz:
Rap-Monstah's avatar
eeep thank you ; w;!
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eee i'm so gonna draw them both, <33 want it to be pixel-art or shaded drawing?
Rap-Monstah's avatar
omg really ; w;! pixel art will be perfect!
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ok, ill try finish them this evening | tonight : D
Rap-Monstah's avatar
take your time! im in no rush x3!
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'your so childish.' 'says you !' by Cyev sorry, i can't draw sushidogs ; n ;
Rap-Monstah's avatar
IT LOOKS FINE >:c You stop that, i love it.
a-shii's avatar
hhh ok ok if you insist ;w;
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so cute! i love the color schemes :meow:
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