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Current Residence: Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Favourite genre of music: Most decent stuff, mostly rock and its sub genre's.
Favourite style of art: Surreal and some other abstract forms. Fractals.
Operating System: OS X FTW!
Shell of choice: She sells sea shellz by the sea shore
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever looks good
Skin of choice: My own
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie from Family Guy
Personal Quote: :evileye:
Now maybe it's just me, but my clock says it's 3am, so it's probably just as well I don't have to be at work until I feel like going to work (yay for my roster :D). Actually, this is true most days, except today I have a reason.

I am up until 3am.

This is a good reason.

Actually, by the time I finish typing this, it will no doubt be later than 3am.

This is potentially problematic but it's okay really. According to my spelling thingy, ok is incorrect, and so is okay. Evidently the correct spelling is OK. I don't like my spelling thingy anymore.

Why am I up to 3am today you say? It's a Thursday night. Why a Thursday night. I have not gone anywhere as :iconoddballoffun: would know (she has awesome art, look at it ftw)

No, I have not gone anywhere. I am in my MattCave.

I have been in my MattCave for...Okay that involves counting, forget that sentence.

I have been inspired.


There are two reasons for this.

Reason one:

:iconoddballoffun: has been very inspiring. Also, you should look at her art because it is made of win and awesome. You will be inspired, and if you aren't, well, that's too bad. My apologies Rhi for not being very inspiring in return. Hopefully maybe I will be sooner or later...

Reason two:

:iconoddballoffun: sent me an amazing poem that is awesome and inspirational making that was written by :iconstjoan: at…

You should read it. You will be full of awe and wonder and if you are lucky, your brain won't leak out your ears. But it might, I make no guarantee's on this and by reading the previous sentence, you agree not to hold me responsible should your brain happen to leak out your ears, or your nose, or any other orifice.

On that note, should your brain leak out, I also do not want to know about, unless it somehow relates to me. However, as we have established, I will not be held responsible for any brain leakage, so it cannot relate to me. If you notice my brain leaking, please inform me though. I appreciate your future co-operation in this matter of utmost importance.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Brown.

Lastly, reason three (yay for spelling letters [I mean numbers, it's 3am, seriously, give me a break]):

Not really a reason I suppose, but I have been in an inspired kind of mood all week and have been getting creative with new and interesting developments that are not yet open to the public eye (my eye is special and gets to see early) at and

Now, this is the end of my two reasons that are actually three.

My brain juice has literally been flowing onto paper.

In a...non bodily fluid kind of way that actually involved pencils and pens.

It has been nigh on...well, lets just say a long time, since I drew anything. I have been doing so much digital stuff, there are all the fractals you see in this gallery at their given dates, then there are the fractals I have done since then, the fractal animations, the vector art, the digital paintings performed with my trusty MX700 mouse that by rights should be dead, given it is no longer very grey is in fact more white than gray, yes apparently I spelled grey wrong the first time I typed it so I thought I would try it as gray which is apparently correct. I think my spelling thingy is losing it (by the way, thingy is not a real word either).

Then there have also been my layout designs and all of my lovely code of which I love to type in it's magnificent glory (pay me and my beautiful code could be yours too, conditions apply)!

As a result of the neural activity taking place in the part of my brain that makes creativity happen on paper, I have not only drawn an entire picture, WITH PENCILS ON PAPER, but I have also written thingies to go with it!


I am very very very happy with my drawing considering drawing has never been a massively huge strong point of mine, and I have not done any real drawing apart from brainstorming scribble that makes me look like I have lost my marbles, which I potentially have, but given the time, I do not feel like searching for them, so that is okay. I'm sure they will turn up eventually, I don't need them for work anyway, I get paid to do things that involve magic anyways, not marbles. By the way, anyways should not have an s on the end of it, just thought you should know.

There are things in my drawing that I suppose may not be quite right as of yet, but given my lack of knowledge in the drawing and looking mad department, I'm not really sure how to fix these things.

On another note, :iconoddballoffun: has not seen these new arty things yet.

Nor will you.


Okay, maybe later.

Also, apparently "Muahahahahahaha" is spelled incorrectly, just in case you were interested.

And Rhi, if you are reading this, which I imagine you probably will be in anywhere between the next.....6 and....okay counting the hours you are at work doesn't work at the moment. Anyway, I gather you will read this while you are at work and be aware of my artingness prior to my being awake tomorrow.

Assuming this is the case, you may potentially see things tomorrow night.

I'm hungry.

Apparently 3:22am = whatever lunch at midnight is.

My desk has pencil all over it. For that matter, I have pencil all over me.

Oh yeah, it's just plain graphite. I fail at colours. I also fail at faces. And crayons. My keyboard is nice to type on.

I wonder if I have to go to work tomorrow. Maybe no one would notice...I don't think anyone really knows what I do anyway...

Oh, but wait, rent is next week, this means I need money...

Now I think I typed many things enough have now,
so with this thought I lay to rest
a brain that made much write down.

Pictures, pencils, poems and lines
divided by lack of space
formatted logically
in the order no brain could make.

Whirring, stirring, plodding and sleeping
brain is switching off right now
preventing one from dreaming.

How I write what's left to say
is beyond my reckoning
but off to bed I go
and there is me sleeping.

I was going to finish there
but apparently there's more
words make sense in my head
but will they in the morning?

Picture perfect, so they say
words and streams portray
reflections in the mirror
and things no dare say.

Propitious letters and logic
performing leaps and bounds
making my head spin
yet make no sound.

If I were to end this now,
my brain would go on
inconspicuous but alive
and seeing while not speaking.

Punctilious in it's madness
logic in it's footprints
all it's roots in math
and little making sense.

To digress is normal,
there was no point to this
however if you steal it
I will find where you live.

Then I will come visit you
and this you do not want
I will not be your friend
and this is not a joke.

I will bring you nightmares
and cups full of teeth
because when you see a dentist,
they will ask you where they went.

If perchance you missed the point
this is copyright me
so do not steal my words
or I will shove them down your throat.

Really I am quite nice,
friendly and astute,
but when my rhymes are being thieved,
you know this will not last.

Now I recall being woken once,
and sprouting words that made no sense
to any involved but me,
hey Rhi, remember this?

Now right how I feel,
reminds me much of them,
except I never went to sleep,
so I cannot have been woken.

Soon my words will flow not,
and then I will be sad
likely there may be tears
but hey, at least then this will stop?

I shall let you go now,
the sun will be up soon,
I dare to sleep a little
and be up before noon.

To reiterate my earlier point,
steal this and you will wish
I had not been born to write it
for as this is the case,
you will surely cry.

Goodnight now and goodbye.
I have no RAM left to work,
I believe now I will die :(

  • Listening to: The melodious sounds of neurogical illogic
  • Reading: that is my brain drowning out all other and
  • Watching: trying not to drain. Seeing and believing and
  • Playing: writing that must be heard. Hearing and
  • Eating: perceiving, perchance atop a mountaintop
  • Drinking: Here I am still breathing. Steal and die!


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