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The Continent of Emytheral



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"I've made a composite map of the places in Emytheral between various maps here in the 3rd Library of Lmennici, including  the currently distributed, up to date maps and various older maps , as well as Pizaru and Llexious' own experiences. It isn't perfect and it may be incorrect in places (especially the locations on the older maps), but it will provide a nice comprehensive list of places to visit. I will fill more out more as I travel. I've also labeled dangerous places with Xs and important places with Exclamation marks.

The books from the library are a good information source to complement these maps. I'll use them to detail my preemptive notes on the maps from top to bottom, starting with Leyuu, on to Niraii, then Kokonn and then Yasveill, for later reference.

Before I start, The Aetherion Monument is a neutral territory, and isn't specifically associated with any of Emytheral's countries, but to Emytheral as a whole. There's a large hole beneath it that seems endless. Only the royalty of Emytheral is allowed  to actually board the structure, for important meetings, which is known to happen annually." - Remias


-Iscuka: An Icy town full of Eirfurre.  A lot of Leyuu's fish come from here. Popular for vacations; it  helps that  he natives are very hospitable. The town itself is also a lot warmer than every other artic island up here thanks to some kind of a yearly Ignis ritual that rains heated ash from the sky. I'd think it would be bad for you, but apparently its like  warm snow. Sounds pretty nice actually…  Several old  maps have this place listed to the far left of the west-most artic island. Llexious mentioned that whatever happened that made the have to move makes them really anxious. I'll have to be careful when I ask about it myself.

-Frozen Solid (X): This island is completely encased in ice. Everything on it is frozen, including any plants and animals! There's supposed to be something under all that ice, but it's too thick and refreezes too fast. Supposedly if you spend too much time on the island, you'll get frozen as well. Needless to say its abundant with Ice mythessence. Even so, its really best to avoid this place.

-Kchalace Tundra: Icy wilderness, but not as icy as Frozen Solid. There are things that actually live here. Including some kind of large Ice-bound lizard creature. It only comes out in the winter (that is, the time of the year when its even colder than usual), so it should be safe the other seasons of the year. It's in perpetual blizzard though so it still probably a place to avoid. The ice is really harsh up here in general...

-Kchalace: The coldest village on the continent, built on the space between the three islands there.  Supposedly very pretty, but the residents are supposed to be very cold (pun intended). Llexious says they don't get many visitors, so it's usually not certain what they're up to.

-Tower of Light: A huge ancient tower with a beacon of pure Lumen mythe at the top. It's filled with rooms upon rooms of various kinds of unusual lighting fixtures that use Lumen as their light sources, as if the people who used to frequent the tower use it as a place for experimenting with Lumen mythe. It's open as a tourist attraction in the summer. It's also a relic associated with Nvaluneth, so there are a lot of untranslated runes and text. Although according to Llexious, it is unusual to find Nvaluneth relics that far up north.

-Lotei:  This town holds time in high regard. There are clocks everywhere! It's has something to do with the current shrine maiden of the town. She's supposedly very creepy kaorishe with an ability to see the future? I wasn't aware kaorishe could channel Tempus mythessence... The town itself is also organized very neatly, almost obsessively so.

-Lotei Marsh: A fairly benign marsh, although there's a lot of annoying bugs around the water. Tempus lotuses grow here once a year, and the residents of Lotei have a tradition of leaving things in them that they have excess of now, but think they might need a year later when they open again.  The water they grow in glows a very vibrant blue at night. Pizaru says it's very pretty.

-Weyvnen Mountains: It's a pretty large natural boundary with plenty of caves running through it. The upper mountains are really frosty. Something is on the tallest mountain on the northern part, but there are some really aggressive animals up there so no one goes up there anymore. The train from Venesque takes a somewhat winding path through here.

-Weyvnen Mines: A large network of mines, used to mine various earthy mythe. They once hit a Magma mythe deposited and flooded one of the sections with lava. Since then, safety precautions have been increased significantly. The book says not to navigate without a map, or without a person who uses Terra mythe who can just make his own path. There's an entrance to Tetra here, but it doesn’t exactly say where.

-Riru: They're very partial to plants here, even large carnivorous plants! At least they also produce medicinal herbs as well. It's hard to move around because all the flora is overgrown, and has been for decades.  It's also a bad idea to mistreat said flora while you're here; they even give punishments for stepping off the stone paths onto the grass!  Half of the natives are effeymi that moved in when Riru took over maintaining the Nitchi Woods, which they also help maintain along with the natives.

-Nitchi Woods: It used to be a lot bigger, but most of the trees have gotten cut down. The residents of Riru had to intervene to help the effeymi that lived here before it completely disappeared. Now there are a bunch of stumps around the perimeter of the woods. It's kind of depressing really. At the very least, the remaining woods are alive with effeymi magic that make for very interesting plants. There's a cave in the mountains behind here that leads into more mines.

-Cass Teil (!!): The capital of Leyuu, a large city on and in a cliff surrounded by tall walls. Plenty of restaurants and entertainment and everything else you'd expect from a well off city. The hotels are expensive though, so even staying three days might be too long. The Rudrazon Castle and royalty are here as well. No one is allowed into the castle proper without an invitation or a job there though. Otherwise, there's plenty of rowdy Rudrazon who live here. Pizaru says its quite an energetic place.

-Cass Teil Graveyard: A large graveyard behind the wall surrounding Cass Teil. A lot of old maps doesn't have this either. Pizaru says a friend once told him to 'look out for ghosts here'.

-Nitchi Fort: On older maps, Cass Teil was here. Something happened that made them move to where they are now. That seems to be a recurring trend with Emytheral. What exactly was happening in the time after these map were made and now..?  The one building that's left is just a tourist attraction now, so at least there's that. Even then, no one's allowed in the very center.

-Imini Ponds: A bunch of shallow ponds. People from Cass Teil built a lots of bridges over them so you can relax over the water. The bridges aren't standardized though, so each group of people made a unique one. The whole area looks more like an art project really. Sometimes flying fish from the ponds decide to skit about. It gets pretty lively then.

-Corover Port: A place for boats to dock. Leyuu doesn't have any practical places to build ports since its exterior edges are all cliffs, so they made one at the bottom of a steep cliff that was cleared out so that you can walk up it.  Pizaru says that if you go around the wall where the dock is, there's a small beach where a special friend of his lives.

-Merose Lake: A pink lake that’s been gated. The water is toxic to most people so it's been quarantined, even though the extraneous color never reaches past a certain point in either direction.  There's a few old maps that say there's an entrance to Rachoven here. Did they close it up since?

-Venesque Island/City(!!): A large city centered around Aqua mythessence, with many different races living there concurrently. The streets here are filled with water so you have the option to travel around by boat, and there's much water power technology.  It's a popular vacation spot though, lots of foreigners gather here. The City actually extends to the coast, but a large part of that  is just a bunch of trading stuff. There are also trains that run from here all the way to the Curaga resort in Niraii, to Ezamine in Kokonn , and even to Cobalt in Yasveill! There's also a recently made tunnel to a small section of Aqui in Venesque Gulf made specifically for land dwellers.

-Meri(!): An Iccaru town. A very humble and rural place. It's also home to what is probably Emytheral's most popular shrine maiden, someone even I've heard about back home in Makabelle. Definitely a place to visit.

-Meri Farms: Known for its quality fruits. They occasionally get imports of fruit seeds from other countries so they distribute some pretty exotic products every now and then. They also have Lumen green houses which does wonders in growing plants quickly.

-Mauzlle Labyrinth: Super confusing  forest to get through. It also supposedly does strange things to whatever enters and doesn't leave after a while. Seemingly random versions  of the map lists something special or two in the middle somewhere, but I guess they removed them because they couldn't find them afterwards for a long time. Llexious says most people take the train. I have no idea how they managed put rails through the forest, but I'm not complaining.

-Bamboozle: Everyone is strange here. Strange speech patterns, strange clothing, sometimes even out of place mythessence! They all worship something called 'The Paradox Ring' which has to do with Mauzlle, I think? The name of the town is actually written in different places under the south side of Mauzzle Labyrinth depending on the map. Sometimes it's listed multiple times too. I've just listed it once for convenience, but I wonder why they would bother.


-Old Iscuka(?): The older maps list Iscuka where the Heavenly Spikes are, so I guess they moved between then and now. Wonder if there's anything left…

-Heavenly Spikes(XX):  Not on the older maps.  It's apparently really really dangerous here, but other than that, nothing is written about it.

-  -Zero Peaks: An island of tall very cold mountains. There's a long winding path that starts from Etika and goes deep into the mountains, but it eventually gets blocked off by the spikes. That part of the tunnel is apparently pretty ornate and maintained frequently. Why would they need to maintain it if it doesn't go any where anymore? Maybe it’s a spiritual place...

-Etika: Another eirfurre town, but also has a lot of Fluffy haired, rather benign cienians. (Maybe the  cold mellows them out?) Part of it is in Perma Forest (where the cienian mostly stick to), and the other half at the base of -Zero Peaks. There's a lot of rune work there; the residents really like their magic circles.  I would guess a lot of people know how to use menulisc  glyphs. There are also rumors of people who can channel Detached mythessence there; people that don't normally channel Detached mythe I mean.

-Perma Forest: A forest of evergreen trees. The snow is literally frozen in the air. That or it just falls very slowly.  Everything else moves fine though.

-Flare Isle: It never gets darker than twilight here, rumored to be because of an ancient building in the middle  that keeps darkness away. There's nothing out of the ordinary inside it, so no one knows what up. There a prison here that was built fairly recently, mostly for the more dangerous werssvulfs in order to keep them out of the moonlight.

-Charred Beach: The sand is black here from some underwater volcano. There a legend that something from Flare Island burned the beach. The volcano itself is not listed. But I would guess it's somewhere around there.

-Obsidian: Sorexo's live here. They're really good at crafting buildings even with all these hills, especially with sand and glass so there's a lot of unique looking things here. There's also a museum here. Pizaru says you'll more often than not be criticized for your clothing (or lack there of).

-Yaxis Wall: There was a big dispute between Obsidian and Kchanan at some point that resolved with this long wall between them. It's big enough to walk on top of, all the way from Spade Jungle to the Tower of Light. The Obsidian side been decorated pretty extravagantly which is something they hold in high regard over the undecorated Kchanan side.

-Lmas Highlands: A bunch of hills all the way from the Tower of Light to Spade Jungle. The northern area has a bunch of insect burrows, some of them are actually large enough to crawl through, if you every wanted to.

-Kchanan(!!): The capital of Niraii, home to its rufonix leaders. Needless to say, there's a lot of rufonix, but also lots of mioki! Part of the city is underwater, but there are tunnels you can take to get to places without getting wet. Those underwater places are pretty new; everything above water is really old.

-Spade Jungle: The water here is contaminated by 'hate'. Does that mean it's just dirty? There is a lot of Poison mythe here... It's best to stay away.

-Heart Oasis: Famous for it healing properties. It apparently filters contaminated water from Spade Jungle before falling in. No one is allowed in it but special Curaga Resort employees who collect the water for various things around Curaga Resort.

-Curaga Resort: A popular vacation spot maintained mostly by kaorishe. A lot of the attractions here use water from Heart Oasis. Baths, stream rooms, the works. It's supposed to be really relaxing. And also expensive, but worth it.

-Mirage Aria: Random things pop up in this desert from time to time. Half of them aren't real, but some people have reportedly actually gotten things from here. There's even talk of a large pyramid, but nothing concrete.

-Meringue: A small desert town inhabited by people who appeared in Mirage Aria. It's like a village of amnesiacs., especially considering no one knows if those people had families or anything... It's probably for the best really. The layout of the town also shifts every now and then, as if part of it became an illusion after some time. Some people debate whether the town exists at all.

-Feather Plateau:  A bunch of tall dry cliffs where lots of birds hang out. Rikkoa kids play around here for fun, although every now and then they injure themselves playing too recklessly. There's supposed to be an entrance to Skaiyu here as well.

-Avia Nest: A village of Rikkoa, inside a single really big tree. It's kind of  hard to get around if you can't fly, but they've installed ladders and a few hand and Ventus operated elevators for those people. But the place is so high you'd probably be climbing for a long time to get to the top. The place is also home to one of Emytheral's main post offices. Considering most mailmen are Rikkoa I'm not surprised. The establishment also goes into the cliff that looks over Aetherian Sea. It must be a nice view.

-Furnace Desert: A huge really hot desert  with nothing in it. Seriously, its all sand as far as the eye can see, with the occasional kchactun here and there. Oh, and can't forget sand snakes that like to steal water when you aren't looking. Sounds like a fun time… Although, every now and then, an Nvaluneth artifact can be found in the sand. The map says its better to travel at night, and there are small traveler huts set up to stay in during the day. It's awfully thoughtful, but probably more of a necessity than anything else.

-Coal Isles: Even more deserts. Clearly southern Niraii is incredibly arid… it sounds like such an terrible time… It's just a couple of desert isles. At least these have some palm trees and spicy coconuts… There's actually a lot more islands, but they're too small to be included on the map. Razark also like to hang out around here, so it probably isn't worth it to visit for longer than need be.

-Mt. Coronis:  Part of the volcanic trio. It's probably the most calm out of the three, just bubbling away, but never actually overflowing. It's actually pretty safe as long as you don't fall in or anything. There's a huge makmetza palm tree that sticks out of the middle of the volcanoes opening that is at least a century old.

-Molten Jungle:  A linear jungle with lava rivers. Needless to say its really hot, like all of southern Niraii. The volcano here, called the Molten Volcano, is the second of the trio and is always spewing lava; it just never stops, and has no sign of slowing down. There's a lot of Magma mythe inside the volcano producing it, but it's really hard to harvest while it's still active.

-Lkai: A small village  of moderately large effeymi.  They take poison things from Ebann Jungle and make antidotes of them which they trade to visiting merchants. They also eat a lot of the poison. The effaymi here are uniquely immune to the poison, unlike every other effeymi, so its fine for them. They're reportedly very impatient, not that I mind. Apparently if you can't channel Poison mythessence and stay on the island for long you'll get really sick, so obviously best to not stay too long.

-Ebann Jungle (X): More poison… But it grouped into small pools here and there. The bark of the trees are near black and twist in weird ways,  so its really hard not to run into one at night. There's a note on a lot of maps that say to not touch the bark physically. You don't have to tell me twice.

- Yan-Yan: A community of razark. Normally it would really be a good idea to avoid them; I'll have to be careful myself to make sure I don't end up eaten. They actually inhabit the island and the waters around it. Sailing past here is always rough because they like to mess with the boats. They've even capsized some smaller ones..! The map says it's safe to stick near Molten Jungle if you can tolerate the heat, they don’t like Magma mythe all that much.

-Nvaluneth Highway: This was probably a straight road at one point, but now its all broken up. A lot of Nvaluneth runes all over these things as well. Maybe they once led to whatever civilization made them? They do head in the general direction of the Full Moon Displacement, that huge semi-sphere of water that's just there, as if there was a giant bubble pushing it down.  Pizaru says the place makes him feel very uncomfortable.


-Ndeizu Forest: Full of birds! It's also very noisy with chirping. A lot of the space is taken up by the local shrine in Nianine, but the animals don't mind. They actually roam about freely! I wonder how the shrine workes deal with that.

-Ndeizu Meadow:  A large rainy field around Ndeizu forest. It rains at least once a week without fail, but there's are always rainbows at the end. The rainbows touch down to the ground , you can actually see it in front of you! Llexious says they're actually visible Prism mythe that you can bottle up and keep for later.  A lot of the plants here are vibrantly colored, likely from exposer to the Prism mythessense.

-Nianine:  A town encircling the south side of Ndeizu forest. The shrine here is one of the larger ones as shrines go. Wild animals freely roam the town and no one has a problem with it. It's also a popular place for aeons to visit.  Pizaru says this is what he considers his home .

-Aerin Savanna: A humid savanna, mostly filled with untouched land.  There are ruins of a settlement that was around when the Empyra Tomb was built, but its nothing but some pyramid-shaped stones here and there now. The tops of the trees are very flat. Pizaru says you can walk on the tops if you can get up there.

-Empyra Tomb: A lone pyramid on an island south of Nianine, constructed of triangular stones. Kokonn's previous rulers are buried here, and considering its been centuries since then, the tomb itself has been around for a very long time. It even appears on old maps that go way back! There is an entrance, but it can only be activated by rukitsu. The contents there of are a royal family secret.
-Merii Forest:  A stout forest hugging the north side of the Tokari mountains. Pizaru says there's a village in the trees here, but it isn't on any of the maps. I'll have to take his word for it.

-Seisai: A small coastal town in habited mostly by mioki and some ekkipa. Part of the town floats on the water, connected to the main land by tied ropes. The floating houses get somewhat close to the Aetherian Monument, but out of reach of the hole underneath it.

-Tokari Mountain Range: A mountain range dividing north and south Kokonn. There are a lot of large damp caverns with pools of water in them. Sometimes the rare okeanos are seen in these pools. The train from Venesque takes a shortcut through the mountains on its way to Ezamine.

-Froth Rapids: Rivers that run from the Tokari mountains. The farther away from the mountains it gets, the hotter it becomes, until it is outright boiling at Bublake. They run incredibly quickly as well; its difficult to get out if you fall in.

-Ezamine(!):  A major city in Kokonn, and a popular vacation site. Part of it is built into the mountains behind it, and it sprawls out onto the beach. There's a large clock tower over the river the city is built on, whose chime can be heard all across the city, and then some.

-Yachoi Ranch: A place where they breed yachoi, as well as some other regular farm animals. They rent said yachoi to people who need to travel quickly to Lyin in east Kokonn via carriage, though you can also ride them yourself as well. People often pay to just have fun with them.

-Tokari River:  Rivers from the west of the Tokari Mountains. The fish that swim in this river travel up the waterfalls to somewhere high in the mountains. There can be quite a lot of them at once during midday making it almost impossible to cross. There's a path behind the waterfalls that you can take when this happens, although it’s a longer trail.

-Ignis Volcano (X): A volcano that frequently, and violently erupts. It’s the most volatile of the Volcanic Trio. The air above it is constantly filled with smoke and ash. Three times a year, a large deposit of Ice or Null mythessence has to be introduced to keep the volcano from getting too violent. It used to be a lot less volatile in the past, but seems to be getting more violent as time goes on.

-Nbell Flats:  A large open area making of the center of the western end of Kokonn, called the Tails of Kokonn by natives. It's a place saturated with mythessence, much more than most places in Emytheral. The animals here rely heavily on mythessence to live, which can be surprising to people out of the know.

-Tail's End(X): A windy island full of phlotori. It’s decorated with a lot of flowers and vines, as well as windmills dotted on the island, with the largest being in an unnamed town somewhere on it. Unfortunately it gets next to no non-rachovian visitors  due to the regular behavior of phlotori in general.

-Terra Farms:  An efficient farm that is a major food producer. They use Terra mythessence to sculpt the land to make as high quality produce as they can. The land is naturally rich with minerals, so everything that is raised here is usually larger than normal, and also more expensive.

-Lyin(!!): One of the two capitals of Kokonn, and sister city of Lyan. The architecture incorporates many different kinds of mythessence, making the city rather other worldly looking. It's also home to the best mythessence schools on the continent, and also the most varied. Mostly inhabited by lumimi and rukitsu. It's a place of such concentrated mythessence that a persons abilities become boosted just by living there. The rulers of Kokonn  come here from Lyan to do anything important.

-Lyan(!!): One of the two capitals of Kokonn, and brother city to Lyin. It's built on both the Shadow and Light 'Tails' of eastern Kokonn, with a wide bridge between them. It’s a lot more humble looking than Lyin, almost more of a town than a city. It incorporates mythessence into its structures, but does so much more subtly.  Many of the inhabitants who live here do so to get away from the intense city life of Lyin. At the same time, they're a lot more mischievous than those in Lyin. The large presence of Umbra mythessence on the right side of the city and Lumen Mythe on the left side make for a striking visual dichotomy between the two. Though most of the population are rukitsu, the Umbra half is home to a lot of zoshu, and the Lumen half is home of many ovesrem and llumaffle. The two halfs get a long more than one would expect. The actual rulers of Kokonn live here in a building built on the water between the two halves, which the connecting bridge passes through. It's the main port of Kokonn.

-Stella Crators: A field that is the host of frequent nightly meteor showers, which is actually clusters of solid Stella mythessence. The smaller ones are actually harmless, but its best to stay away when they get larger in Mykenai. Unfortunately, usually they're usually too small to be of any use immediatly, but the are harvested and put to use in larger quantities. The sky above here is always clear, the stars especially visible. Even so, it is rather unremarkable during the day.

-Flash Back:  A black and white forest reminiscent of a negative photo. The forest itself displays illusions of memories of the person traveling through it. It works even for repressed memories. It's very easy to loose track of time here, and stay stuck in your memories for a lot longer than you intend. There are even rumors of people who have never come out. Not to mention, because of the effect of the Tempus mythe, weird time-related things happen in the general area of the east coast of the Tails of Kokonn.

-Diam: A small settlement of humans. The town here is exceptionally orderly, rivaling or even surpassing the likes of Lotei. There are also a lot of electronics, incorporated directly into the architecture. A lot of it comes from Battry Labs, but sometimes they get technology from Skaiyu, or imported from Makabelle as well. That means that there's almost no mythessence here, besides Pixel mythessence, or if there is, its all out of the way.

-Battry Labs:  A modern mythessence researching site ran by humans from Diam.  A lot of the things they invent run with artificially-made energy from power plants they made on the island. The island itself is also artificial. A lot of Emytheral disowns this place on account of being 'unnatural', as well as the rest of the islands in the Planar Sea.

-Crystal Curtain:  A large dome-wall of almost unbreakable Crystal mythe surrounding Akarine. There a tiny opening in the north wall that only shows up on generally recent maps, so I guess they made a lot of progress getting through it over the years.

-Akarine: An Island inhabited by Akarans. It's a self sustaining place, that only connected with the rest of the world recently. As such it is relatively primitive compared to the rest of the country.  It's mostly a bunch of very small islets connected by bridges. Not too much is known about  this place yet.


-Lunaris Forest: A very dense forest where the sky never lightens past twilight. In fact its just very hard to see inside of it at all times. There are a lot of animals that take advantage of this, for better or worse. It is also a potent source of hallow pumpkins. Pizaru says they might actually be sentient, but all the ones I've seen have just been fruit. Maybe the ones in Muuky are different... There's an entrance to Rachoven here.

-Muuky: A village of full of enemity. None of the buildings here have any doors, not that the inhabitants would need anyway. In fact, it says here that if you're not dead but insist on staying… they put you in a coma for a while so your soul can get around?! I'll… I'll need to talk to someone before I think about going here.

-Trebble Swamp: A dense wetland full of flora and fauna alive with Aural mythessence. A lot of musical instruments are made from these types of plants and animals. However it's a rather unsafe place; you never know when something might blow your eardrums out if you aren't careful. Llexious says that shops in Alto sell special earplugs specifically for traveling through the swamp. It's convenient at least.

-Alto: One of Yasveill's many port towns. It is also home to many a famous theaters and concert halls, within which many famous actors and composer preform every year. Needless to say, the town has a major emphasis on Aural mythessence.

-Bass Tunnel: an artificial tunnel through a large rock formation. There are more Aural-bound plants and animals here, but they are a lot more docile than in Trebble Swamp. It's not unlikely to hear snippets of music from other parts of the cave echo to where you are.

-Cobalt Valley:  A sprawling verdant valley going all the way from Bass Tunnel to Bublake. At night there are various glowing plants which, along with the guaranteed aurora in the night sky above it all, make for a striking view, as well as giving the land it's signature cobalt color. There are also some floating islands here and there whose core ground contains a large amount of Gravity mythessence. The area in general is a good source of Gravity of Aurora mythessence. It's one of the more peaceful wildernesses of Emytheral.

-Cobalt: A town known for its jewel displays, especially cobalt lazuli which gives the town its signature blue hue. Wild gems grow all throughout Azure Bay which the natives of Cobalt use to decorate the town. ...I need to remember to ask whether the town was named first, or the valley...

-Azure Bay: A small enclosed bay rife with Gem mythessence. The abundance of which allows many precious metals to form much quicker than usual. It's a bad idea to walk around barefoot because of the potential sharp edges of the gems beneath the water.

-Mapple: A small town comprised of Hayeli that suddenly appear there, giving the towns populace a very diverse appearance. It's divided into two halves which perfectly mirror each other.  Pizaru says that interacting with so many Hayeli at once was really weird.

-Mapple Pier: A long board walk stretching from Mapple all the way to the end of the Tokari Mountains. The parts that carry off onto the water are very maze-like for no discernable reason other than that Hayeli are just weird.

-Lekoneill Mirror:  A large inland sea with impressive reflective qualities.  It starts off very shallow, and deepens as you go toward the center; you could walk to the center no problem if you wanted to, and didn't mind getting your knees wet. Pizaru says that weird things happen in the deeper part of the sea.

-Bublake: A large scalding hot spring, surrounded by small pools of more hot springs. It's always hot enough to boil, but keeps at full capacity by being fed by the  froth rapids from Kokonn. The main pool has a large whirlpool in its center that goes into a very deep hole that no one has seen the bottom of. It is also somewhat acidic. Rudrazon, some rulevath, and anything else that can tolerate the boiling water enjoy the smaller, non-acidic pools as a relaxation places like any other hot spring. Not to mention that the occasional azucandeir can be found in the large acidic pool every now and then.

-Sulfeir: A port town that has a reputation for its roughness. It is frequented by hardy sailors and occasionally pirates. Even the waters around the town are fairly dangerous, so it takes a really good sailor to even make it there.

-Kodora Scratch: A series of gorges in southern Yasveill. There's a legend that they were made by some incredibly huge sea monster a long time ago, although its more likely the product of earthquakes that plague southern Yasveill every now and then. The earthquake that made the Kodora Scratch appeared must have been particularly bad.

-Doza Cove: A small cove that feeds into large cave whose walls shimmer vibrantly.  There's a subtle trace of Dream mythessence both inside and outside the cave, which increases as you go through the tunnel. There are also old relics related to older generations of the Yasviell royal family. There's a well at the end that descends into darkness, but because everyone who gets that far becomes incredibly drowsy thanks to the Dream mythe permeating the area, no one was awake enough to document what was at the bottom of the well.

-Cirk: A human city with a long race track running through it. The race track runs along the entire island with various artificial obstructions to enhance its difficulty and give the track variety.  They hold various races for vehicles and for marathon  runners who can look past the fact that it's human made.

-Serpent's Eye(!!):  The capital of Yasviell where the royal family lives, as well as many rulevath and amanselle .The place is incredibly rainy; it storms constantly. As such, large parts of the land are flooded, including the palace. The non-aquatic residents have adapted by wearing rain gear all the time, and making the roofs of the houses fan out like umbrellas, among other things. Llexious says it's a popular joke that everyone there carries at least five umbrellas with them at all times. I wouldn't be one to judge if they did. The water-dwelling have made some nice little places for themselves under water. There's a bit of jealousy about this with the land-dwellers, especially if a service is only available underwater. They've also set up lightning rods so that the frequent lightning doesn't cause any accidents. Incidentally, Pizaru was oddly quiet when i asked him about this place.

-AquaLock:  A very old town in southern Yasveill. The town is all stone ruins amongst somewhat dense foliage that have barely been renovated since they were first established decades ago, extending onto the immediate surrounding islets and the waters between them. They have traditions surrounding Key mythessence, and as such, hold locksmiths in high regard.(The book doesn't actually say what that tradition is though…) Aside from Lyin, its the place to learn how to use Key mythessence. It was one of the first places in Emytheral to host the Traveled Season Celebration for native lapiken.

-Bubble Keys:  A series of islands with lots of nvaluneth ruins. There are many locked things left behind by the nvalunae that lived there on the islands, which gives locksmiths in Aqualock a great challenge of figuring out how to unlock them. There's also a fair number of unique, ancient looking, but deadly animals that roam around; the farther out you get, the more out of place the animals look. It's almost like a window to the past.

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