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Much Ado about Mythessence

By RaoKurai
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Mythessence (mythe for short)is a vast collection of elements that permeates the world. The stuff is everywhere and anywhere, it's impossible to walk a step without being around it.  Though the essence itself is normally invisible (unless it condenses into a solid form), it can become visible with somewhat heavy use, with certain devices or with the use of other mythessence.

The mythe, though separate, tend to overlap a lot.  It is not uncommon for one mythessence to control an aspect that sounds like it belongs another.
Mythessence is split into 5 categories:

The Mythic Ring, exclusive to specific mythic races of legend, which includes  Rudrazon, Rufonix, Rukitsu, Rulevath, and Aether

The Major Ring, which consists of the most widely abundant mythessence, includes  Ignis, Aqua, Ventus, Terra, Tornitrus, Lumen, Umbra, Spatium, Tempus and Stella . The majority of the races start out with one of these.

The Minor ring, which consists of supplementary mythe, includes:  Lunaris, Solaris, Angel, Demon,  Magic, Luck, Flora,  Aurora, Prism, Speed, Celestial, Nimbus, Gem. Most people naturally grow into their minor ring mythessence as they age; its fairly rare for a person to not have one. It's also rare for a person to have more than one.

Learned Ring, which consist of mythessence that are able to be learned independently, include Ice, Aural, Key, Gravity, Metal, Sand, Crystal,  Static, Psychic,  Heart,  Poison and Magma. Although it's possible to learn minor ring mythessence, it takes an extraordinary amount of work and time to actually bring it to a usable level. Even then, learned ring mythessence can take a long time to become proficient at as well, similarly to learning a language. Parents generally begin teaching one at a very early age.

Detached Ring, which consists of mythessence  that behave strangely in comparison to the rest of the mythessence. Sometimes, and very /very/ rarely, a person of any non-detached race can start out with one of these instead. They're further divided onto three catagories:
Benign; consisting of Null, Pixel and  Illusion; interact with the regular mythessence in non destructive ways,
Malignant; consisting of  Eclipsis,  Chaos,  Paradox; interact with the regular mythessence by significantly altering its essence into something almost unrecognizable, up to and including flat out destroying the mythe effected.
Conditional; including Spirit, Dream, Void and Mirror, which are affixed to specific states of being.

(Note that there is no standard symbol for Paradox and Void mythe at this time. Their images are currently being researched and debated on.)

As stated before, mythesence can come in 2 forms: Solid and ethereal. Ethereal forms are just the essence of the element that gather around their specific environment. It is invisible without certain conditions being met. Solid forms are hard to the touch and can be interacted with physically. They 'grow' in their specific environment like live jewels of a sort, and can be harvested for a variety of uses. Solid mythessence actively radiates it's energy into ethereal mythe  at all times, until it becomes too small to be of any use.
A person starts out with one of its associated Major mythe and one Minor mythe (with stated exceptions for some races) which develops naturally early in their life. Any race can learn mythessence from the Learned ring; as many as they can handle, which for most average people is no more than one. Some races start exclusively with the Mythic ring, or from the Detached Ring.

A person uses their mythessence by channeling it through their body, and manipulating it in various ways. Because of this, their physical appearance and even their personalities tends to reflect the mythessence they use more often.

Everyone has a self proclaimed 'ability'; that is, a signature action that they use their mythessence for. For example, a person with Lumen and Flora mythe might have the ability to quickly grow plants. Another person with the same set of mythessence might have the ability to use flowers as a flash light. It all depends on how they feel their powers are used best and how well they can channel their mythessence to do so.

It is also fairly hard to channel two mythessence at the same time; most people who look like they do are extremely dexterous and precise with their mythe. (Or channel Eclipsis mythe, which naturally combines and divides mythessence  into one entity to channel.)
Mythessence Aeons
Sometimes mythessence takes on sentient forms if enough accumulates in one place, which are called aeons. Each form is based on something that relates to the mythessence the aeon was form from. Further more, each form is unique; that is to say, the same form doesn't exist more than once at the same time (though there are a few specific exceptions, especially with Tempus aeons).   Aeons are regarded as a sentient race. As such, more information is available in references and catalogues for aeons.
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Are you thinking about making references for what the different Myths do? I would really like to see that!

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Which one is Rulevath?
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gumgumdrillStudent General Artist
can i use these symbols and turn them into characters?
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Would you be interested in licensing some of these for commercial use? I'm running a small business, and have an idea that could make use of these symbols (and/or others in the same style).
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RaoKuraiProfessional Digital Artist
You aught to note me with more details on how you plan to have this arrangement work, specific purposes, etc
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They look good updated.
The Rulevath is new?
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RaoKuraiProfessional Digital Artist
theres a couple new ones at that
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Is this in the order of some book or something like that, or did I u thought of it
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Cool, I like yr idea
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I thought about void being the original symbol pizaru-chu.deviantart.com/art/…
Or being a dot with spiral lines around
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I forgot to note :P
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I wonder why Nimbus looks more like a bug than a cloud
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