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Miromira:: 2nd Rank Hexagon [Open]

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Miromiras are an open-species adoptable series featuring small, birdlike animals with mirrors at the base of their tails, that were scattered around the world by a powerful sorceress. The mirrors on their tails hold memories of the places they've settled, which can be displayed on any mirror, and also cause them to take on colors and themes that match them.
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“Here's one found at the Fog Tower: A 2nh Rank Hexagon miromira. The bricks that make up the tower are all regular bricks, easily having enough weight to plummet out of the sky on their own. Despite what may seem obvious, the magic is actually in the surrounding clouds that hold up the blocks instead. It makes the entire tower appear weightless and keeps it up in the air effortlessly, even with a bit of extra weight, like from the miromira here.

The price for this one is 500 Points/$5 if your interested. You can also receive a picture similar to this one a picture similar to this if the mirror image isn't enough.”
~The Sorceress
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just asking can miromira have same rank and shape on another miriomira
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not any of the official ones
but it doesn't really matter for the usermade ones; the canon mmira will probably catch up to them eventually