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Magical Land of Mejika

By RaoKurai
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"You know, Tudime has been running all over Mejika and I haven't even introduced it to you guys! I really should, it’s a pretty cool place. I'm sure you already seen some of it!"

Magician, your CardShark isn't the only creature roaming the island, considering my little Luma's adventures, but I agree, we should give the visitors a better idea of where they are.”

"You bet Sorceress! And I know just the thing! I have a map made by The Shaman that aught to do the trick!"

“Isn't that the map that only displays places the person looking at it has seen?”

"Yeah, so? It's a neat gimmick. We can't go spoiling the entire land to them all at once can we?"

“I think that defeats the purpose of what we're trying to do..! ...but perhaps in this instance, it's acceptable. There would be too much to explain all at once.”

"Then it's settled! Me and my friends will tell you about this place we call home, and whenever Tudime or The Sorceress' Miromira return with new creatures, we'll update the map to match where they’ve been."

“We'll also provide a list of which creatures were found where. It'll provide a better look into the environments. And of course, if our homeland interests you, why not have a look at :iconlandofmejika:?

Well, without further ado, here we go.”
~ The Magician & The Sorceress

Actually, before we start, I just wanna interject and say that an interestin' thing about Mejika are the recurrin' jingles that are related to each area respectively; they're all over the place in terms of melody and tone, but they fit the places they're found pretty well I think. I got Kamii memorize 'em while she travels so she can play them back to all of you in a shortened version; even some places you probably haven't seen yet! After all, The Shaman's dumb map only limits what you see, not what you hear! Not that I totally disagree with keeping places a mystery - there's no fun in showin' all your cards early right? So whenever there's a song available, it'll be next to the name of the place in brackets. Don't forget to listen while you're lookin' at it all!

You can listen to the entire playlist right over here whenever you feel like.
~ The Witch
0. The Land of Mejika [Jingle]
[Jingle II]
" Before we get into the area's proper, we aught to talk about the country as a whole."

„Wait a minute, there's already so many areas on the map, why now do you decide to talk about it now?“

"Well, its hard to explain all at once without some examples first. It's not like I forgot."

„We're also not talkin' about it here. There's waaay to much to say.“

"Hang on, hang on, let me summarize it first. Basically Mejika as a geological place is saturated in magic. Everything is magical here, although some things are more magic than others. Regular people aren't very magical, but they can still do some small tricks. Even people from outside the country get some powers when they visit! And of course all the places and plants and -"

„Yeah okay we're kind of done here. Save it for an FAQ version, before you bore everyone to sleep before they get to the excitin' parts of the map.“

"Fine fine, I'll get Tudime to remind me to do it... sometime."

1. The Magician's Castle [Jingle]
    Cardshark pictures: | Tudime |
"That’s my castle!  My base of operations if you will. Being pretty good in water magic, it's only natural I build it on the top of a waterfall. This is where you go when you want a CardShark from me."
“...Is your moat always filled with actual sharks?”

"Well sure. What's the point if there's nothing dangerous in them?"

“I think we should have a talk about that later…”
2. The Forest Stream
    Cardshark pictures: | 2 of Hearts | 2 of Spades | 4 of Clubs | 4 of Moons |
    DyeCast Pictures: | Amber | Icterine |
"A little stream running through the forest south of my castle. It's one of the tamer places in Mejika."

“The stream size is pretty consistent, considering it' source all the way in The Tropical Skyles. Figuring out where it ends, is another story.”

"Well it goes to the ocean, duh"

“We know that! But it's journey there is mysterious to say the least…”

3. The Overgrown Park [Jingle]
    Cardshark pictures: | Ace of Hearts | 3 of Hearts | 3 of Diamonds | 2 of Clubs | 2 of Stars | 3 of Rings |
"This place was once a really big park that people from The Central Town went to, but I guess people abandoned it for one reason or another, and now all the park stuff is wrecked by all the flora.

“I'm pretty sure they found something around there that would have been a major inconvenience to look after, and decided its best to just leave it be-”

"But no one even knows what it was and it hasn't done anything since so who cares. It'd make for a wild day at the park anyway."

“Maybe if you're up to potentially getting lost, then be my guest. Honestly, you're better of staying away if you don't have a plan or aren't reckless like The Magician is.”

4. The Central Town [Jingle]
    Cardshark pictures: | 3 of Spades | 4 of Diamonds | 3 of Stars | 2 of Rings | 2 of Moons |
    DyeCast Pictures: | Azure |
"It's a moderately large town that non-magic people live in; you know, people who don't have nearly as good control of magic as we do.  You can pretty much plot a course to anywhere in Mejika from there, but it's largely uninteresting to me."

“Are you sure Magician? I do recall a certain rant you made about the streetlamp matrix that managed to create in the center of the town; you seemed quite interested in that.”

"Hey, don't even go there Sorceress.  I could list all the reasons why its dumb, but we don’t have all day."

“I happen to find the streetlamp matrix fascinating, in its purpose and architecture, but to each his own.”

5. The Rainbow Sands [Jingle]
    Cardshark pictures: | 5 of Spades | 5 of Diamonds | 5 of Clubs |4 of Rings | 5 of Moons | Ace of Moons [Closed] |
    Voxbelle pictures: Sandwave |
"A desert with sands of all colors. The rock formations are also pretty colorful. I bet artists love this place. Until they accidentally step in a quicksand pit I guess."

“Inherent desert dangers aside, the sand is quite fine as well, and very easy to move through. It's quite nice as far as deserts go.”

"Don't forget those couple of oases that pop up every now and then. The sand covers them up as quickly as they reveal them, but if you can get to one, its really nice."

“I'm sure there's a layer of water magic underneath the sand that causes that.  Things that use water magic have an easy time crossing it. Pretty handy, if situational.”
6. The Sorceress' Palace [Jingle]
    Miromira pictures: | Luma |
"Oh hey, isn't this your place Sorceress?"
“It is indeed. My preferred magic of choice is wind magic. As such, I've built my home on one of the larger floating islands that used to be part of The Tropical Skyles. This is where you go if you ever want to adopt a miromira.”

"How do you even get there though if you aren't magic? It's all the way on top of a waterfall (which I approve of by the way). Even if they climb up there somehow, the whirlpool will probably scare them away. Also why is there a an arbitrary whirlpool below your house?"

“It's just a side effect of keeping a large object floating so close. The ring of wind magic that helps to stabilize it stirs up the water as well. But there's nothing to fear; there's a small line of air crafts that are able to fly from The Central Town to my abode. It's an automatic process so there's no need to pay or anything; you just might end up waiting a little for a free one to come. Not bad at all I'd say.”
7. The Tropical Skyles [Jingle]
    Cardshark pictures: | Ace of Clubs |
    Miromira pictures: | 2nd Diamond | 4th Triangle | 2nd Circle | 3rd Hexagon | 2nd Irregular |
"It’s a whole 'ocean' of tropical island, but it's in the sky. The water also comes from the sky, way way above them, but it doesn't seem to ever stop, so no one pays it any mind mind."

“The magic here is a little rigid, you could say. It has a tendency to shape things into cube shapes. It only effects things that were already there though, no need to worry about becoming a tetrahedron if you visit.”

"The cubic watermelons are pretty good though. There's a few that are so light the literally just fly up into the air when they get loose from their palm trees. We used them as balloons at The Wizard's birthday party remember?"

“I certainly do. We also lost them that day, but that was a long time ago. The islands are a good place to obtain fruit in general, if you don’t mind their odd shape.”

8. The Crystal Mines [Jingle]
    Cardshark pictures: | 4 of Spades | 3 of Clubs | 5 of Stars | 5 of Rings | 3 of Moons |

"A long series of mining tunnels that used to be for mining magic crystals. But it was abandoned like all good mines are eventually. Too bad too, that stuff is pretty useful if you can get enough of it."

“They also grow back over time as well, being composed of magic. It really is such a shame, although that doesn't stop anyone else from going in and mining their own. Considering how all the equipment is still there, if a bit old, they should have an easier time then normal.”

"You mean besides death drops, the submerged places and all those bats? I'm also pretty sure that there's still some explosives in there too. You know, the kind where if you touch in the wrong way, it goes off. That sure is safe huh?"

“Well with due caution of course. As well as a map. The interior is quite maze like after all. But as long a you keep your wits above you, I'm sure you'll be fine”

9. The Fog Tower  [Jingle]
    Miromira pictures: | 3rd Circle | 2nd Hexagon | 4th Pentagon | 2nd Octagon | 3rd Rank |

"A huge tower thats always shrouded in fog and mist and other cloud matter. It's kind of eerie for the uninitiated."

“And to clarify, it is one huge maze-like building. The whole thing covers an incredibly large area, that's impossible to map because of all the fog obscuring the walkways and bridges. The clouds which, ironically, are necessary to keep it in the air, as they're filled to the brim with wind magic.”

"It must have taken ages to build. And even longer to set up the magic to keep the place floating. It's also uh, kind of above your house Sorceress. Do you ever get nervous that an unknowable amount of stone just hovers above your palace?

“Not so much no. It's been there for a very long time, and not even one block has dropped, so i have faith the magic casted was a very thorough one.  I have precautions in place either way. It's something you have to think of when you live under a plethora of large floating objects.”

10. The Geometry Ruins [Jingle]
    Cardshark pictures: | 4 of Hearts | 6 of Spades | 6 of Diamonds | 6 of Clubs | 4 of Stars | 6 of Moons |

"A bunch of ruins in the south part of the Rainbow sands. They sort of stand out against all the colors with their monotone stones."

“The outsides of the ruins look fairly simple on the outside, but their insides are all very confusing mazes. It's fascinating to think about how the ancient civilization who made the structures came up with this.”

"I want to clarify that by 'very confusing', she means 'completely non-euclidean', because the hallways generally don't make a whole lot of sense. Especially that one weird triangle building. That one is the worst one out of all of them, You can't even stay in there before somehow ending up in one of the other ruins."

“That shape is called a penrose triangle Magician, for future reference. But yes, it's very high level magic yes, especially regarding the penrose ruin, which is absolutely swamped in shadow magic. Considering that ruins are often holding places for deceased royalty and their belingings, one has to wonder what we might find if we were able to venture to the center of that one... if it were possible to navigate properly without being redirected by the shadow magic.”

11. The Stellar Tesseract [Jingle]
    Cardshark pictures: | Jack of Moons | 10 of Stars [CUST] |

"An arrangement of pathways high in the sky. It cuts through stars and constellations like some kind of interstellar highway. It's actually a handy way of getting around, but only if your shadow magic is up to snuff, and i mean really up to snuff. You're not getting up there if you're not almost a master at it, or at least have some large source of it."

“This place is an interesting mix of light and shadow magic, though heavily biased toward the shadow portion. It isn't exactly linear either, and like some places in The Geometry Ruins, the whole place exists in a non-euclidean space, which is part of why its so hard to get to without help. It earns the tesseract part of its name well.”

"Actually now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure there are ways up there that don't include standard teleportation magic, maybe even a particular strand of road that extends to the surface. Heck if i know where or how though, I just know it exists somewhere, probably."

“I wouldn't discount that theory. The exits and entrances aren't exactly obvious by any means. I happen to know that certain stellar alignments does open a portal somewhere in The Relic Ocean, so I'm sure there are temporary short cuts in a number of places, if you're willing to do some exploration and research... but we all know you'll do no such thing Magician.”

"Heh, yeah you got me. Maybe I'll hire some other people to do it sometime."

12. The Enchantress' Chateau [Jingle]
    LapinLock pictures: | Enchantress |

«Ahh this is where I live! It is a cozy home despite being in the mountains...!»

“Ah yes, you do quite like snow don't you Enchantress? I suppose this would be the perfect place for you. It's also quite sturdy isn't it; it must be to hang the way it does.”

«It definitely is Sorceress, although there is some shadow magic to keep it stable. There's a lot of it in The Icy Ravine, so it made it easy to use naturally. That does mean that it's a little bigger on the inside than it looks, but it isn't, how you say, hard to navigate. It would be a shame to forget how to get to the balcony facing The Infinite Meadow, no?»

“Certainly a view like that would be a shame to miss! I expect nothing less from someone who's preferred magic is of the shadow kind.”

13. The Icy Ravine [Jingle]
    LapinLock pictures: | 2nd Curve Lock | 2nd Wave Lock | 2nd Swirl Lock | 3rd Line Lock |

"A cold and snowy mountain range that looms over a bunch of crevices. Most of them get filled in with snow and ice, but new ones pop up all the time so there's never not any cracks."

«It is best not to fall in one, sometimes there's a big collection of shadow magic at the bottom and who knows what might happen to you...!»

"Well that and you know, icicle spikes that surround the ground floor. Pretty sharp stuff. In fact you're probably better off trekking through the mountains proper than running around at the bottom."

«The caves make it easy to get around though...! There's a lot of shortcuts through the mountains, and they, how you say, pop up as frequently as the crevices do...! They also close just as often, so it's best to use them while they last!»

14. The Infinite Meadow [Jingle]
    LapinLock pictures: | 3rd Swirl Lock | 2nd Line Lock | 5th Bolt Lock | 2nd Chevron Lock |

"A huge meadow where the ground kind of curls up into the air. No apparent reason or anything, you know, beside magic. That's just how the ground seems to work around here."

«It is a strange geography, the way it twists and turns like how it does, and yet it is,how you say, remarkably open, even on the loops; a great place to relax, if a little windy.»

"You an even take a stroll right up the curves. The gravity works so that you can walk on whatever side the grass is growing without any real repercussions. It's pretty cool if you aren't afraid of heights or vertigo or something."

«The curves tend to end back where they start, so you can keep walking forward without ever turning and still never actually leave the area..! They don't call it infinite for nothing no?»

15. The Neon Sewers [Jingle]
Cardshark pictures: | 6 of Hearts | 7 of Spades | 7 of Clubs | 6 of Rings |
Voxbelle pictures: | Pipewave |

"A series of tubes and pipes and other cylindrical passages throughout the under ground that carry magical waste between The Techno City and the Magic Plant. The magic stuff makes the pipes glow all sort of colors, although its easier to see whenever you can actually see them."

“The various entries into the sewers are always open; there has never been covers to any of them as far as I've known. So you're perfectly able to waltz in whenever you'd like. I just caution that if you do, you should bring something to protect you from any potential side effects. Better yet, don't actually go down there at all.”

"It's not all bad! The magic mixtures that happen down there are some of the most interestingly volatile reactions I've ever seen! There's so many things you can experiment with if you're willing to risk being blown up instead. Funny how that's usually the end result of activating unrefined magic though.

“I suppose I'm not a fan. It's a good thing a portion of the pipes siphon water from The Arcane Volcanoes to help negate potential effects a little. There's only so many times something can  spontaneously combust in your face before you need to do something about it.”

"If you say so."

16. The Marble Lagoon [Jingle]
Cardshark pictures: | 5 of Hearts | 7 of Diamonds | 6 of Stars | 7 of Rings |
LapinLock pictures: | Mu Dot Lock |

«A really big lagoon that’s surrounded by huge bubbles with waterfalls between them that just, how you say, levitate in the air. The bubbles are big deep enough to build on even…!»

"They've been around for a really long time though. A lot of these ruins have really old written language that no one can actually read. Actually, some of it is easier to read than others, but on the whole, not something your average person knows."

«Actually, I'm pretty sure The Shaman knows a lot about the ruins and where they came from! She just… doesn't tell anyone I suppose..!»

"I wouldn't be surprised really. The Shaman is really good with magic stuff, and there's all sorts of ancient magic related things all over the ruins. Maybe she learned a lot of it from there. And maybe there were just a lot of ancient spoiler tags or something that keep her from saying things, I dunno."

17. The Wizard's Tower [Jingle]
Illumothe pictures: | Orago |

"¡That's where I live! It's actually a bunch of towers all built near each other connected by bridges. You couldn't tell just looking at it, but most of them are under the trees. You have to run around a lot to get places, ¡but that’s no problem for me! I especially like making trips to the top of them to stargaze with Orago."
“Those towers were around for a while already, right? I suppose they would be quite the relic now-a-days. It's almost like you're living in a museum of sorts, hmhm.”
"¡It does feel like that sometimes, Sorceress! A lot of the furniture and things are old and broken though, and there are vines all over the place, but I don't mind. ¡I like the nature a lot! It helps that that the power star at the very top still makes energy for all the appliances I use anyway, and the plants benefit from it too, even though I have to do a little gardening anyway.  At the very least,  ¡I can use it to charge my camera for when I go out!
“The fact that the star is there in the first place is interesting in itself. One wonders how the people who lived here managed to harness one of the stars with such primitive looking technology. I suppose magic is a kind of timeless tool in that regard. Perhaps one day I can get a closer look at it and see what I can learn. What do you think Wizard?”
"¡Oookay! As long as you don't break anything, ¡it should be fine!"
18. The Starry Rainforest [Jingle]
Illumothe pictures: | Watery 3-Link | Flashy 2-Link | Shadowy 4-Link |

«A rainforest that rains stars instead of just water…! Even the tree tops look like they're full of stars. At least, it looks like that all the way from my chateau..!»
"There's so many trees that there's a lot of places that they can completely cover the sky, ¡and it's like you're really staring at a night sky!"
«At least until you, how you say, get smacked by a falling star, even though they're all just light magic. They're weird things though, since they still have enough force to get stuck in those towers…! Actually, those extra towers also yours, no?»
"Not really. The energy from the power star above my tower doesn't reach that far, so they really are just towers in the rainforest. I don't even think the stars that stick to the them do a whole lot. I don’t even think I've seen them all yet,  ¡but I'd really love to! "
19. The Shaman's Shrine [Jingle]
Scrollvgon pictures: | Sparkle |

「This is the home that I live in~ It's very big, even bigger than it looks on the map!」
“I got to hand it to you Shaman, you sure did pick a nice place to live. The scenery is beautiful, and all the space must be nice.”
「I'm glad you like it, and I like it too~ Still, I have to do a lot to keep it and the surrounding area looking nice. There's not a whole lot of people who live with me! That’s part of why I made my scrollvys in the first place.」
"I could imagine the halls full of dinosaur creatures walking around and interacting with people. It sure is one way to make a place lively. I'm sure the rest of us could relate, especially with myself with the miromira I have around...”
「Maybe one day we should have a party with our creatures; It would be really nice and fun~ I'll write down some ideas...」
20. The Torii Mountains [Jingle]
Scrollvgon pictures: | 3rd Curved Horns | 2nd Wavy Horns | 4th Branched Horns |

「The rest of the mountains apart from my home. It's filled with rivers and cherry blossom trees and especially torii gates. Those things are everywhere!」
"Is there any particular reason for that? I get that it's important, and also in the name of the mountains, but there's like trees in that shape, and ones made out of rock and all sorts of weird things."
「I'm pretty sure they're magic beacons! Sort of like a traditional torii, but instead of signaling sacred spaces, they signal magic spaces!... Even though I think that’s the same thing here. You can even tell what type of magic it signals by their color~」
"I guess that makes sense. Whoever made them were really dedicated anyway; must have been quite the powerful magic person. And that’s just the outside ones, I haven't even seen any in the cave paths yet. It actually sounds like a place The Wizard would like exploring a lot. I guess I'll nag him about it."

21. The Flying Fountains [Jingle]
Cardshark pictures: | Jack of Diamonds |

“A large group of hovering fountains, mostly kept a float by their the wings what can be fount on their sides.”

"They're like bug wings right? Or maybe fairy wings too. They sort of remind me of all those hidden fairy fountains around Mejika actually."

“There's a rumor that those hidden fountains are actually from here; that a few of them just fell after some unknown accident.”

"I dunno about that, none of the springs on the ground have any of those really big bonzai trees or anything. I think I prefer them in the sky actually."

“So do I. Its much more of a relaxing atmosphere in my opinion.”


“...no pun intended.”


22. The Shining Bay  [Jingle]
Cardshark pictures: | 8 of Spades | 8 of Rings | 7 of Moons | 7 of Stars | Ace of Spades |

"A large bay with very luminescent water. There's nothing dangerous about it though, it's just a quirky property of the water."

«It's very bright, all the time...! The water makes a good night light if you ever need, although it does fade after a while if you take it away from the bay...»

"They're also got those beacon things the guys down in The Submerged City put up as guides although I don't know why they need it with all those lights anyway!

«It must be hard to sleep with all that light next to your castle hmm?»

"Well there's a reason why I sleep on the opposite side of the castle. It might as well be day on the left side, except all the time, you know?

«Wow, ahh, sorry to hear that..!»

23. The Witch's House [Jingle]
Voxbelle pictures: | Kamii |

„It's my house. It's a magic house sitting in magic fluid that keeps the shattered part of The Techno City dome afloat, but it's still a humble house.“

"Really Witch, are you sure this can even be called a 'house'? It'll looks like the people who built The Geometry Ruins did modern carpentry. In fact the entire situation where you live is a little off the rails."

„Hey, don't blame me Magician, I'm just an opportunist, even if it involves some extensive workarounds. You're still welcome to visit you know.“

"Only me right? You still haven't told me why I can't bring anyone else. ...or even why I'd want to visit in the first place really."

„Look, I have my reasons okay? There's stuff I want to show you over here. You, specifically and no one else.“

"Whatever you say Witch."

24. The Magic Plant [Jingle]
Cardshark pictures: | 9 of Stars| 8 of Clubs  | 7 of Hearts | 9 of Spades |
“A factory that makes a variety of magical objects and appliances. It also powers The Techno City through its power stations. Their efficiency could be much better though considering all the magical waste they put out.”

„Well what do you expect from a buncha guys puttin' out quality over quality? It's not like they have a nice set up in there anyway. Trust me, it's such a maze.“

“To be fair, the things they make are fairly serviceable. To be the main manufacturer for the country is no small feat.”
„Still doesn't beat the home-made stuff though! Those normal people don't know what they're missin'!“

25. The Reverend Library [Jingle]
Miromira pictures: | 2nd Triangle |
Lapinlock pictures: | 3rd Chevron Lock |
Scrollvgon pictures: | 3rd Uni Horn |
Voxbelle pictures: | ClockChime |

«A large floating city that's, how you say, filled to the brim with books!»

“The books come from all over Mejika, and even from other parts of the world. They've got quite a selection to pick from, if you have time to seek them out.”

«I wonder how they organize all those books, I mean there's so many all over the city in the oddest places...! You cannot go two feet before tripping over one, no?»

“I'm sure they manage the borrowing of books with a magical process that recalls them to their positions when time is up. Doing so otherwise would be... highly impractical to say the least.”

«Maybe they put all that consideration into the architecture instead.»

“The architecture is quite nice, if a little repetitive. I wouldn't put it past them if it was true though.”

26. The Neverending Pit [Jingle]
Illumothe pictures: | Windy 2-Link |
Dyecast pictures: | Cream |

“A series of towers, ramps, and puzzles that are built out of a pit behind the northern mountain. Their origins are unknown, as is their bottom floor.”

"I come here every now and then to see if I can get deeper than the last time, but I always get stuck on the deeper puzzles. ¡You can't even memorize them because they keep changing too! ¿Do you think there's even a bottom floor?"

“It's impossible to say. Considering that every level of the tower has more and more complex puzzles, I don't think any one has even seen the majority of it.”

"It feels like, a very lonely place, like something really sad happened here. ¿Have you seen inside one of the towers, Sorceress? It always feels like someone is watching me in there too..."

“You've been inside one of the towers? I don't think the rest of us have figured out how to unlock any of the doors. You'll have to share with us your method sometime.”

27. The Techno City [Jingle]
Lapinlock pictures: | 5th Dot Lock |

„A huge city built in a dome underneath my house. Don't get a lot of light, so it's pretty dim, besides all the glowing leylines an' all.“

«The leylines are magic power that go all throughout the city! All seven regular kinds too, how you say, whooshing around to wherever they're needed.»

„It's pretty compressed magic too, straight from The Magic Factory. Powerful stuff you don't wanna mess with unless you know what you're doing, unless you wanna be responsible for another hole in the dome.“

«What did happened to the top though? The glass is really thick; it must have taken something very powerful to shatter it, no? I hope that wasn't anything to to with you ma chérie..!»

„Nah, I don't have that kinda fire power...yet. But I actually don't know what happened either. I just took advantage of what they set up. Doesn't seem to bother 'em either, so its a win win for everyone I'd say.“

28. The Eclipsed Graveyard [Jingle]
Cardshark pictures: | 7 of Hearts [CUST] | 8 of Stars | Jack of Rings | 9 of Clubs | 8 of Hearts |

"¡A really big graveyard that goes a long way south! It's full of tombstones and mausoleums and stuff."

"I don't like it."

"¿Aw really? ¿Are you afraid of the ghooosts Magician?"

"No- well, not like that anyway. It's because of all the candy corn will-o-wisps that wander around the place. You know how much I hate candy corn."

"¡That's so boring though! ¿What about all the skeletons and fogginess and that really big tree that makes it perpetually twilight and-"

"What do you think this is, a movie set? I mean, the tree thing is cool, don't get me wrong, but I don't understand how you're so pumped up about this place...!"

"¡I just find it mysteriously interesting I guess!"

29. The Arcane Volcanoes [Jingle]
Cardshark pictures: | Queen of Hearts |

「A small mountain range of volcanoes that are filled with raw magic energy to their fullest! It's a very exiting place~」

“It's very lively for sure.The magic here is at it's volatile compared to the rest of Mejika, barring artificial mixes. It's a good source of raw magic to be sure.”

「They do use all that stuff at The Magic Plant though! Lots and lots of pipes connect to it and they suck out a lot of

magic out of it. I guess they use it for their machinery?」

“I wouldn't be surprised. They're lucky such a potent natural resource is so close. At least the volcano's to the far west anyway. I imagine they wouldn't get too much use out of the ones further east.”

「Oh yeah, those one's with the temples in them right? They're pretty neat places~ But also pretty big. And when I explore them, I always end up back at The Geometry Ruins when i go in and explore. It's such a pain, but an interesting one!」

30. The Eroded Scrapyard [Jingle]
Dyecast pictures: | Fandango |

"A scrap yard full of junk that's mostly from The Magic Plant and The Techno City. A treasure trove of junk, if I do say so


“Don't tell me you search around here for things to put into your little experiments.”

"Well duh, there's so much good stuff around that they just incinerate. You know, old potion bottles, wands, magical books, the whole gambit. They can at least be disposed of with an explosion instead of tossed into an incinerator.

“I suppose I underestimated your pragmatism Magician. And your penchant for explosions.”

"Hey, I cut back on my explosions by almost half in the last year! I'd say I'm doing pretty good there."

“If you say so.”

31. The Catalyst Dias [Jingle]
Cardshark pictures: | 2 of Swirls |

"A floating island place that's imbued with Memory magic. I think it's the only place like it in the whole country. It's pretty neat if you can figure out where it is at any given time, provided you can't fly."

«I'm pretty sure we've all be there at some point. It's very, how you say, convenient for magic users, since it amplifies any magic that's in its vicinity. The range it can do so it... quite big, no?»

"Big enough to mess with the magic of any place hovers over at least. It's a pretty big deal even to the regular people, so much so that that mass of magic at the bottom there sort of became a symbol for the country. I'm pretty sure it's on the flag and everything!"

«Ahh, and it makes me feel even more odd than usual, considering the form I've taken currently! I do hope that it doesn't effect our memory animals too much...!»
"As far as I'm concerned, they should be fine, if a little power boosted. Maybe you should spend more time there after all Enchantress; it could do you some good."

«I guess so, mon chéri...»
??. ------ [Jingle]
„Kamii came back from this place really wet and really sick, it took a whole week for her to get better. She's magic though! How is that even possible for her to get that sick? I guess I forgot how poisonous that place can be...“

??. ------ [Jingle]
„Kamii had to cut through this place on one of her trips, but she kept comin' back out on the side she came in. That is to say, she never cut through this place and chose to go somewhere else instead. I don't blame her, findin' your way through here is pretty much luck based. “

??. ------ [Jingle]

„Kamii came from this place completely dry, which surprised me. I guess they've really figured out their water magic for people who don't like like being wet while swimming down a city block or two. I bet that's pretty attractive for tourist.“

??. ------ [Jingle]

„Kamii's fur was all messy after comin' back from this place. The wind is really strong over there, it's a wonder that she managed to stay on the boardwalks without bein' tossed into the water even once.“

??. ------ [Jingle]
„I wonder how deep Kamii went into this place to get back with a jingle. You can only go so far before it gets really hard to get back out. It just gets really dark really fast and all the flora gets clingy and in the way and just aaaahg...“

??. ------ [Jingle]
„I specifically told Kamii to bring an umbrella whenever she went around here. It's either that or you get soaked, no exceptions. It has to be a rubber one too. Neither of us are a fan of getting struck by lightnin' or anythin'.“

??. ------ [Jingle]
„It's not every day that you just stumble upon this place. You're really not getting here without a good flying ability, or if ya take a shortcut through The Stellar Tesseract, so I wonder how Kamii got up here. Not that I wouldn't visit, the view of the stars is pretty nice.“

??. ------ [Jingle]
„Kamii skirted the edge of this place on one of her trips. If you get any closer it gets pretty hard to leave, especially if you can't swim. The current's pretty strong, I bet not even most of The Magician's cardsharks could swim out of it...“

??. ------ [Jingle]
„Kamii came back from this place with a few souvenirs. It's a buncha snake-lookin stone stuff, like everything else there. I don't get why whatever people used those ruins like serpents so much, but at least they make nice enough sculptures.“

??. ------ [Jingle]
„This sure is a place neither of us are going to visit in depth any time soon (I don't know how Kamii got the jingle for this one really), so let's not and say we did.“

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shippyshipperStudent Digital Artist
I'm a little curious, what were you planning for the last few areas of the map?
You don't have to say if you wanted to keep it secret or reuse the ideas for the new version or something like that.
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RaoKuraiProfessional Digital Artist
yeah i supose i'll keep mum on them for now
maybe later i'll finish the map anyway just to say i completed it haha

I will say that there was gonna be a lot more things in the regions of the sea and sky though
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Crandria2001Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Now that the map is changed, what will you do with those awesome themes they had???
RaoKurai's avatar
RaoKuraiProfessional Digital Artist
This map is basically obsolete now
I reused a lot of themes though, so a bunch of these will pop up anyway haha
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Crandria2001Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good, wouldnt want em to go to waste :3
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cool! that place is truly is magical! 
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AlrealeaStudent Digital Artist
Lovely and HUGE! What a world! Must've been so much work to make this all.
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RaoKuraiProfessional Digital Artist
You bet, and it's not even finished yet!

Glad you like it though~
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MajikkanBeingsUniteHobbyist General Artist
Gotta love a world with a Penrose Triangle, a tesseract, an infinity sign, and lots of adorable critters running around.
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Uuuumm sooo... could you like... describe this post, in like... maybe one or two sentences for me? xD
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MajikkanBeingsUniteHobbyist General Artist
Pure concentrated awesomeness.
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RaoKuraiProfessional Digital Artist
Basically some characters talking about their world.
The same world these guys come from haha
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RaoKuraiProfessional Digital Artist
The update was for the rest of the music stuffs
its pretty much all there now, aaaaaaaaaaallll 43 of 'em haha
now to get the rest of the 10 areas on the map eh?
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shippyshipperStudent Digital Artist
Da...ng, I wanna go there.
Well, maybe not the volcanoes, but everywhere else.
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RaoKuraiProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah its becoming a really lively place hehe
The Techno City
in particular came out way better than i expected, I'd totally live there haha
Not to mention, there is at east one more residential place that hasn't been revealed yet...
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shippyshipperStudent Digital Artist
I'd go to the ruins.
...or any of the floating islands...
...or the graveyard...
...or the library...
...or anywhere, really XD
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Sounds like i need to get you a plane ticket ehehe
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I wish. Be a nice place to go for spring break.
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shippyshipperStudent Digital Artist
This is a really cool concept, especially with the jingles. It's a bit like a video game! Do you have any plans to finish it?
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RaoKuraiProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah yeah
the map gets updated after new areas get revealed in adopt backgrounds (and the music is just whenever really ehe)
So i guess stay tuned for that kind of thing haha
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ahh this is all so cool :D
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RaoKuraiProfessional Digital Artist
Glad you like it hehe
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we have a small link issue with the enchantress
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