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Daily Pic Day 645 - Vayuu

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Day 645

An effeymi from Leyuu of Orikal, Veyyu works with Penni to help maintain the wellspring. He can use his Space and Mind Mythessence to make things around him float. In addition, there's a small area around him in which things start floating off the ground automatically, including himself. It isn't something he can turn off unless he's consciously thinking about it, so he generally takes care to be aware of his surroundings.

He's not very talkative, and usually just has a neutral expression on his face. It's almost comical when he's paired up with Penni. According to her, he's a little more lively at night, which is a good reason why he chooses to work late in the day.

His most common job at the wellspring is mostly transportation of the water. He can have the water or any containers orbit around him as he goes to drop it off. Occasionally the water accidentally condenses into one big orb that stays intact because of his anti-gravity aura and completely soaks him and anyone close enough to him. It does makes for a neat trick every now and again though.
Daily Pic Day 625 by Pizaru-Chu
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Looks awesome~