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Char:: Remias Nin



Here's one of two main characters I'll be writing stories about as guys explore the world (and give me stuff to draw about in detail haha)

Race: Human
Mythessence: Pixel
Ability to ???
Music: TBA
Remias, the Human, is a traveler from the country of Makabell on a mission to collect information about the Continent of Emytheral, along with her partner Pizaru. She's rather reserved and hard to rile up, a trait she uses to objectively gather information for her collection. She also tends to stick out pretty badly as far as mythessence goes. She is able to channel Pixel mythe, but she barely ever does so, at least in any obvious ways. It makes her look like she has no mythessence at all, especially compared to her hyperactive aeon partner. She does have a Stella-bound sword that she received from her father at some point in her past, which she uses to defend herself if need be.

Remias generally spends at most three days at any one place. She feels it's the most balanced amount of time for sight seeing, but not overstaying her welcome.

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