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Char:: Precarious Learian

Race: Kaorishe
Mythessence: Ignis/Prism
Ability to organize things by color at a glance

Precarious, who works in the 3rd Library of Lmennici in Venesque City, is a young bundle of joy who has waaay to much energy to be working in a library...! Despite trying to be serious a lot of the time, is easily distracted by small details. She often jumps from job to job around the library, forgetting what she was supposed to do before hand. Her tenacity at getting things done is refreshing though. She has color-related synesthesia because of how she channels her Prism mythe, which she uses to organize and keep track of books and other library material in an orderly fashion. Every now and then, something that she sees as a very strange color comes along that she keeps somewhere secret....

Despite her age, she's one of Llexious' most trusted coworkers, although it helps that she's also Llexious' little sister.
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Ears... those ears... I WANT THOSE EARS!!!