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Char:: Pizaru



Race: Aeon
Mythessence: Tornitrus
General proficiency in Tornitrus mythe, but espeically manipulating streams of electricity

Pizaru is a rather small tornitrus aeon, who’s just sort of tagging along with his partner Remias. He knows more about Emytheral than Remias does and is able to help with her with her information related mission.  He's very energetic and doesn't like staying in one place for too long. Said energy can also get him in trouble, especially in situations where he needs to stay put. As an tornitrus aeon, Pizaru has a vast potential in channeling Tornitrus mythe, but he's unversed and doesn't stay put long enough to practice very often. As such, he frequently mishandles his powers, much to the annoyence of of anyone suddenly finding their hair standing on end. In the end, he means well, and would never go out of his way to hurt anyone who didn't attack him or Remias first.

Finally Pizaru is part of an actual world and not just a series of white voids hehehe
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I adore this picture to bits, the colors, the pose, his expression