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Char:: Morovel Eali



Morovel Eali
Race: Rudrazon
Mythessence: Rudrazon - Nimbus - Static
Ability to control the amount of static in the air.

Morovel is one of the captains of Cass Teil's law enforcement, taking orders from the king and queen himself.  He's particularly polite in his speech and likes to keep a gentlemanly demeanor about himself. He also has an insane amount of patience; no one quite knows what happens when he looses it, but everyone assumes it would be akin to a powerful storm. However you can tell when he's begging to get angry when it suddenly becomes easier to receive static shocks from surrounding objects.

He generally well liked by his soldiers, but has some kind of beef with some of the other captains, the reason which remains to be seen.
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The dragon does indeed look to be a captain with that outfit. :nod:
Nice inclusion of static around him to go with the description.