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Char:: Maishi Meautix



Maishi Meautix
Race: Lumimi
Mythessence: Spatium - Lunar - Key
Ability to create doors and portals between self-made doors on any surface.

Maishi is a young and mischievous little lumimi who's part of the staff team of the Venesque Observatory with her older brother Gyalu. She's notoriously bad at speaking rikuunae, and generally prefers to speak in her native tongue, Myuthika. Even then, she still doesn't talk much.  She's in charge of making sure certain things, like the front door for example, are locked and unlocked when they need to be. She also uses the same power to get around quickly, by escaping to and from doors she's already created. She often disappears for long periods of time through these doors, and no one really knows where she goes.

She has an intense like of shiny objects, and will occasionally steal them when she gets he chance. Gyalu suspect that she has a horde of shiny things hidden somewhere or another.

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