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Char:: Aeris Eksa and Aebi

Aeris Eksa
Race: Mioki
Mythessence: Aqua - Magic - Ice
Ability to create bubbles with thick, icy surfaces.

Species: Ekuell
Mythessence: Aqua - Lumen

Aeris is a busy mioki, mainly working as a waiter for the restaurant "Tidal Wave", as well a a bunch of other odd jobs here and there.  Although generally focused, she has a love of telling stories, usually very long ones. SHe almost never gets to get to the end of one before she gets interrupted by something though. The source of her interuptions is usually her pet ekuell Aebi. The little guy found Aeris while she was on a beach in venesque gulf, and followed her ever since. Aeris can't leave him at home though, since he's rather mischievous, so she takes him along by using an icy bubble between her tail as a carrier of sorts. Aebi doesn't seem to mind at least. 

She also has a heck of a throwing arm, from spending a lot of time throwing small versions of frozen bubbles when she's bored.
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