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CardSharks::[CONTEST]Queen of Hearts[Closed]

By RaoKurai
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CardSharks are an open species adoptable series featuring small, game-loving,  magical shark-looking animals with long ears, that were scattered around the world by a powerful magician. They first appear as playing cards with pictures of where they were found, and are able to switch between regular and card form with ease when they have an owner.
Go here for more information..!
And if you'd like to see more, why not join :iconlandofmejika: ?
"Here's one found around The Arcane Volcanoes: the Queen of Hearts card. So I've kind of heard about various holiday traditions from the tourist that come around during their vacation time, so I love springing Mejika's tradition onto them. So get this: instead of a single guy going around delivering presents on his flying snow vehicle, Mejika has a Holiday Dragon. It's a thing that comes down from the Arcane Volcanoes in search highly flammable mejikan pitayas, the kind that grow around the fire volcanes. People take those fruits and make lanterns out of them, and on Christmas eve the dragon comes down and destroys the lanterns and eats the pitayas. in return though, it leaves a bit of its treasure hoard for the trouble, and then people show off what they got the next day, you know the deal. ...but then again that also may or may not be an urban legend perpetuated by a bunch of rowdy parents. Then again, if it didn't exist before, it sure does now. I'm thinking of letting it loose this year before I give it away, just to see the look on peoples faces when it comes for their pitayas.

This one now belongs to :iconumbra-exe:. You've pretty much won a dragon. As long as it doesn't burn stuff down, that a pretty awesome prize. That shouldn't be much of a problem though; it's surprisingly subtle. How else did it move around in the holidays at night without being noticed? Just don't expect to get any favors when it goes around being the Christmas dragon and all, not unless you've got plenty of pitayas on hand, and then some."
~The Magician
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This sooo cute
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can we make aces,kings,queens,and jokers?
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I've never heard of these card sharks before, at first glance, I thought they were Pokemon :)  There's so many of them, that I'd never know the difference. Very nice work, I love the color combo on this.
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Wowow, what a compliment, especially for an adopt series haha
maybe in another year I'll be able to make as many cardsharks as there are gen 1 pokes hehe

and I have to thank actual dragon fruits for that palette
its quite striking hehe
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Glad you like it..!
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Thanks also I got some point commissions open
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ahh what a cool idea! I really like this design too
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Wow, such a cool design, I love the colors used too ♥
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This is a really neat design. :) With enough cards together this would make an awesome card deck. :)
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It sure would be a unique one haha
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These are so cool ! :O
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Ahh glad you like!
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Aw, super cute <3
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Glad you like it!
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