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CardSharks:: 6 of Hearts [Closed]

By RaoKurai
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CardSharks are an open-species adoptable series featuring small, game-loving,  magical shark-looking animals with long ears, that were scattered around the world by a powerful magician. They first appear as playing cards with pictures of where they were found, and are able to switch between regular and card form with ease when they have an owner.
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"This one was found in The Neon Sewers: The Six of Hearts Card. Some of the fluid that runs through the sewers is really flammable; grade A bomb material to be sure. Or it would be if a lot of it wasn't set to ignite under unusually specific cirmcumstances, so in that way its actually pretty safe, unless you accidentally trigger it. The fire it makes is almost like a light show, and I'm pretty sure a lot of it is left over light show fuel from actual concerts in the city. This CShark seems to be content with alighting itself with it's own magic, so I guess it has that covered, literally.

This one now belongs to :iconmachu:. Better start carrying around some kind of mini fire extinguisher, just in case the little guy suddenly lights on fire at hilariously inopportune times. He'd probably be a big help in winter though, so there's that."

~The Magician

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Ahh i'm terribly sorry, you've been outbid by someone on FA, who claimed the Autobuy.
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Aww ok. Are you open for custom? I like a custom based on a anime character.