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CardSharks:: 2 of Diamonds [N/A]

By RaoKurai
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CardSharks are an open-species adoptable series featuring small, game-loving,  magical shark-looking animals with long ears, that were scattered around the world by a powerful magician. They first appear as playing cards with pictures of where they were found, and are able to switch between regular and card form with ease when they have an owner.
Go here for more information..!
And if you'd like to see more, why not join :iconlandofmejika:?
"Here's the Two of Diamonds card, otherwise know as Tudime. She's basically my curious little helper, finding all the rest of the cards I give out to everyone else, and is generally a pretty cool Cshark to have around. I'll never play another long board game with her again though, not after what happened last time.

She's a good example what a CardSharks card looks like. I've decided to keep her for myself, so she won't be up for sale anytime soon. But if she were, it'd be ...some amount of money and/or points I guess. The base changes a lot, so it's hard to say exactly. generally though it can sometimes more less than whatever the current base price is, depending on the art on the card and shark in particular

You would also get a non-dynamic view of the shark like this right here after the fact:
 CardSharks:: 2 of Diamonds [Ref] by Pizaru-Chu

And that's pretty much it. Hope to see you around more often then."
~ The Magician
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Oh my god, this is so adorable~! ; v ;
RaoKurai's avatar
Glad you like it..!
Br0ken-Down's avatar
If this was a plushy, I'd buy like 20 of them~ ; v ;
RaoKurai's avatar
Maybe it they ever get popular enough ;3
Br0ken-Down's avatar
*Le gasp* High hopes they do, it'd be adorable~ ; v ;
Berrypawzz's avatar
this whole card idea is awesome
RaoKurai's avatar
Glad you like it!
Shi-Ryuu's avatar
they're soo cute ;;A;;
I want do some thing like this but I don't have ideas lol :'V
Besus-Cretin's avatar
Welp. Now is the time to save my points B,T
RaoKurai's avatar
You probably have plenty of time
don't think the one i have up now are going anywhere anytime soon
besides that one that already did hehe
Besus-Cretin's avatar
Honestly im really surprised they aren't already all gone xD theyre so cute. ;3;
RaoKurai's avatar
Ahh its understandable. I didn't expect them to do well, considering its my first foray into the adoptable world haha
I'll have to build up momentum/ and audience first before they fly off the shelves..!

Are you already into adoptable stuffs? You seem like you know more about them then i do haha
Besus-Cretin's avatar
Yeaah no i get it, takes time, patience and persistence! If it makes you feel better, you gave me a goal on what to do with my points xD

Uh well yeah i been making adoptables for awhile (still amazed when someone actually buys one! Haha) i like to think its about having a good variety of things to sell and prices. Doesn't hurt to join a TON of adoptable groups either xD
RaoKurai's avatar
I guess we're in the same boat then ehe

yeah i figured as much
I also hope that, by using the Csharks, the people who buy do a bit of advertising for me hehe
Besus-Cretin's avatar
Indeed we are! xD

Right? I love when i see adoptables i made drawn ;///; and it doesn't hurt for free advertisment either~
FreeToBeMeArt's avatar
Ahhhhh!!! So cute!! :squee:
nick666101's avatar
wish i had the money for something like that, it looks awesome ;n;
RaoKurai's avatar
Maybe in the future hehe

and hey, if it does moderately well, i might make other ways to get one besides paying strait money/points..!

but I'm glad you like it!
nick666101's avatar
Hope an art trade is one of the options then c:

The only thing I could really offer is a TF story though... No idea whether or not you like that ^^;
RaoKurai's avatar
Ah that's a good idea, the art trade thing haha
I'll keep it in mind
nick666101's avatar

Now I still dunno whether or not it would actually be useful for me though..
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