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CSharks V1

By RaoKurai
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CardSharks are an open-species adoptable series featuring small, game-loving,  magical shark-looking animals with long ears, that were scattered around the world by a powerful magician. They first appear as playing cards with pictures of where they were found, and are able to switch between regular and card form with ease when they have an owner.
Go here for more information..!
[also, Here's a bit of a visual guide to go along with this]
And if you'd like to see more, why not join :iconlandofmejika:?
"This here's what the back of the card looks like. It will also be the nexus for which you can get to the rest of the cards easily.
I'll be updated with new links, along with whether they're still being sold or not whenever Tudime brings back a new batch of cards.
Specifically, unclaimed cards will be featured as thumbnails, or Italicized text with "!!" next to them. Hope you see you around then."
~The Magician

Ace of Hearts | 2 of Hearts | 3 of Hearts | 4 of Hearts | 5 of Hearts | 6 of Hearts | 7 of Hearts | 8 of Hearts | Queen of Hearts |

| Ace of Spades | 2 of Spades | 3 of Spades |4 of Spades | 5 of Spades | 6 of Spades | 7 of Spades | 8 of Spades |

| 2 of Diamonds | 3 of Diamonds | 4 of Diamonds | 5 of Diamonds | 6 of Diamonds | 7 of Diamonds | Jack of Diamonds |

Ace of Clubs | 2 of Clubs | 3 of Clubs | 4 of Clubs 5 of Clubs | 6 of Clubs | 7 of Clubs | 8 of Clubs | 9 of Clubs |

| 2 of Stars | 3 of Stars | 4 of Stars | 5 of Stars | 6 of Stars | 7 of Stars | 8 of Stars | 9 of Stars |

| 2 of Rings | 3 of Rings | 4 of Rings | 5 of Rings | 6 of Rings | 7 of Rings | 8 of Rings | Jack of Rings |

Ace of Moons | 2 of Moons | 3 of Moons | 4 of Moons | 5 of Moons | 6 of Moons | 7 of Moons | Jack of Moons |

| 2 of Swirls |
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I'm absolutely in love with your cards!
I tried to make a deck with them, but then I realised that there weren't enough :(
Sometime, are you gonna sell decks of these cards? I would LOVE to have these cards!!!
Keep up the good work! Thanks SO MUCH for the awesome content!
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Wowow i'm super glad you like them~

yeah theres not enoug hdefinitly. It's sort of slow going making them cause i tend to be busy with other things
even though i still have a lot of ideas for them
maybe someday i'll can sell them as a full deck of cards haha
that would be neat, i'd get one for myself hehe
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I'm a bit confused. This is what I think you can do. 
You can make a Cshark of any suit and number and follow the rules, right?
RaoKurai's avatar
yeah thats about right!
ahh and if you haven't seen it, here's some visuals about their traits
radiiiance's avatar
Oh, thank you! I totally want to make one as soon as I can
RaoKurai's avatar
I'm looking forward to it haha
radiiiance's avatar
Getting started on a nine of Hearts. Is that available?
RaoKurai's avatar
Doesn't matter
Same card/number Csharks sure are allowed

since i'll make a nine of hearts eventually and all haha
so don't worry about it..!
radiiiance's avatar
Okie dok then! thank you for answering my many questions!
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I'm kinda thinking about making one, but, I wanted to get everything straight first..

So, there can be duplicates, but just not ones made by the Magician?


idk what else...
Are there any boundaries on what we can't add onto them?
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There can be duplicates in that, it doesn't matter what combination of suit or number you give your own cardshark, even if The Magician's already used the combination you're looking to use. (for example: This one and That one are both 4 of hearts, where the first was magician made, and the the second is one someone else made.)

Otherwise, nah theres not really any boundaries, as long as it still looks like a cardshark in the end haha
(if you haven't seen it, Here's an FAQ, wherein there's a section about consistent traits. As long as you keep those in mind you aught to end up with something that looks like it belongs with the rest hehe)
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Good info!
(Hi Sky :XD: SomeOrdinaryArtists How DO we manage to keep finding you?)
SomeOrdinaryArtists's avatar

You know exactly what I dabble in
SomeOrdinaryArtists's avatar
Aye aye, thank you

It makes sense!
drn1234's avatar
I will try to make two!
RaoKurai's avatar
Go for it!
(and if you have questions dont hesitate to ask!)
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The cards are amazing.
RaoKurai's avatar
Glad you like them!
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so..... are we allowed to reserve numbers?? ex. lets say i wanna make an 8 of stars, but dont have time because of finals. could i ask you to "reserve" it? or can we make cardsharks with numbers already on this list? thanks
RaoKurai's avatar
Yeah you can make numbers that I already used
i reguard it as a separate faction from The Magician's stuff haha

It's already happened actually
sonicfangirl8221's avatar
Can I make a ace of stars
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