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2 of Stars ~ Soft Recorder [Closed]

By RaoKurai
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CardSharks are a series species featuring magical shark-looking animals with some rabbitish features that you can adopt. The higher the card number, the more extravagant the traits become!  Also open for anyone to make~
Current Owner: Sealestial
Suit: Stars
Rank: 2

Area: Rustic Province
Di2 Happy by Pizaru-Chu "Here's a cardshark from The Rustic Province, a Two of Stars cardshark:The Soft Recorder! I would have missed it if I hadn't heard the music it was playing."
Ri4 Happy by Pizaru-Chu "Give yourself some more credit Tudime; managing to find all of them within the ruins of these houses is no small feat. Especially within a large conservatory."
Ri4 Glowey Eye by Pizaru-Chu "(I wonder if there are any music books there...!)"
Di2 Grin by Pizaru-Chu "The music definitely helped a lot though!"
WhatCanYouDo by Pizaru-Chu "In any case it was very nice music! I sat around for a while just to listen. It's really creative with that recorder~"
Ri4 Content by Pizaru-Chu "And it seems that it seeks some creativity in return for partnership. I'm sure our talented visitors can accommodate it, surely it isn't too picky."
This is a thing I'm going to try a few times to see if it works. I like dtas, but they take a really long time some times, which is often necessary to accommodate everyone. Buuuuuut, I wanna see if spontaneous dtas work too for regular, non event adopts haha; so we'll see what happens.
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SealestialStudent General Artist
2 of stars-Card Shark-(DTA Entry) by Sealestial   (hope im doing this correctly XD)
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RaoKuraiProfessional Digital Artist
oops i mentioned ota didn't I >w>
Better fix that

But yeah I think that past the threshold of quality i'd like! Gonna start the timer
good luck..!
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SealestialStudent General Artist
Thank you!!
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RaoKuraiProfessional Digital Artist
Well well, it looks like you've got it! The card is now yours to do with what you wish~
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SealestialStudent General Artist
Yaaayyy! I love him~ and can't wait to draw him some more~