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All-Purpose Assault Mech

By RaoDaoZao
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The All-Purpose Assault Mech (AP-AM) is an experimental unit. Based on the Delta chassis, it is upgraded to incorporates a number of innovations that enable it to deal with a far wider range of combat scenarios that other mechs.

Its main attacks come from the large detachable blades, that can be quickly swapped for different armaments including saws and pistons.

Also detachable are the standard blast-shields carried over from the Delta, which protect the more delicate turret machinery.

The front cannon is capable of firing programmable electronic warfare shells, with a range of possible effects from a simple electromagnetic pulse to targeted suppression of advanced functionality to draining batteries.

The back-mounted artillery cannons are also able to fire a number of standard shells, from raw explosives to incendiary barrages.

Is the RDZArena Y4 more likely than you think? I spent most of last night dreaming of this while unable to sleep.
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hmmm....interesting. an interesting model. something that strikes me is that it appears top heavy and not much room for ammo.

but otherwise its a nice creation.
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There's never enough room for ammo in sci-fi games, so I decided to just gloss over that. :la:
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Answer me this; can it love?
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But you've got to treat it right; you know, take it out for dinner, show it a good time.