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no longer here

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as the title is saying. i will no longer be here on deviantart and i forgot to tell this but what ever. Due this mass poor and pathethic eclipse update i not feel the same on here anymore. i have moved over to a other site (wont tell wich due i not wanna deal with anything from here on there due private reasons). i had good times and bad times but last times on here to be honnest i felt horrible. lost so many friends and intrest in communities on here. i can't even get the drama that long time ago here happen out of my head and it did to much to me but i am not willing to EVER return here no mather what. deviantart screwed themselfs with never listning to the other part of who DISLIKED the update and only to the ones who so called "positive accounts" were just cheering them. in short sorta what mostly irritated me on here are 1: the Eclipse update majorly.

2: some assholes who kept bothering me (wont tell names they KNOW who they are =_=) 3: a lot of drama that keeps playing in my head of years ago what i still fucking suffer from going insane about it.

4: plus my own inactivity and intrest not being here.

so this account will stay tho even tho i deleted a lot of art cause what ever. but it will stay as with other art hoping it can brighten someones day maybe.

BUT further all i moved on and again i WONT say where cause i not wanna get stalked by those who once followed me and bothered me. for real some people need to leave me the fuck alone and live on with thear OWN life.

why i never talked about this? i dunno maybe cause i not had the courage to say this or else others could backfire with lies and bullshit about me. so if you ever feel like i talk about you or what so ever. NOT my problem causei know my friends who i kept on discord as friends and if i not have you on discord then sorry but i keep that to friends only.

conclusion: i do NOT trust this site anymore as second home due to much shit what happend and specialy the lazy staff that never ever helped me at all. responding to me but not taking actions when needed for example when once my art got stolen. (luckely taken down) so if you ever wanna follow me or what so ever. then sorry but the trust i have on some peeps on here is to low and i not stay here anymore and i keep my own reasons why i not tell. so this is my sorta goodbye and i hereby leave deviantart but let my account stay.

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no longer here by ranze-the-lucario, journal