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I have a friend who needs your help

Tue Feb 14, 2006, 9:23 PM
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Which dreams indeed are ambition, for the very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream.
~William Shakespear~
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~~~:blackrose: :butterflytwo: :blackrose:~~~

I love her dearly and she needs a boost. We have two things needing to be done and I know there are people out there that can help make it happen. Becca is a wonderful woman and works hard at what she does, on top of taking care of her sister full time because she is sick. Her life is her artwork and I would not want to see it vanish for anything in the world. There are two things comming up on her fast that I come to everyone here to help her with:

1. Her website domain is about to be lost cause she has no money to pay for it ... She needs it, you all know how important it is to have a website when you are a commissions artist and when you are trying to move product in more then one place.
2. There is a book that will be comming out on artists, and well she needs to get into this as well, but there is a fee for it.

All together we need 70 bucks people, thats it, just 70 dollars....and think... you can do something with the money and get something in return for it...…

BUY A PRINT, tell your friends and family... cause you know what, I know she would be there for you if she could be...( oh yea, she has alot more art then what is shown on ebay lol )

Artists have to stick together, if we don't help eachother out when the times call for it, then guess what people, we would all vanish off the planet from not being known...

I'll even throw in something for you too... Anyone who donates 5 bucks to this, will get a place on my website for the entire year, and I mean my company website. I will even ( if you do not have one ) make a gfx banner to represent you on my artists links...

So there you go people... you can either buy a print or simply donate 5 bucks.. either way you will get alot more then alot of thank yous...

~~~:blackrose: :butterflytwo: :blackrose:~~~

Rebecca Cox: Becca's art is beautiful down to the last detail. She catches moments of time in such a way that they make you look twice. Her latest peice is in my thought to be her most crowning achievement yet, because the detail in the small jewlery and dress trims are beyond real. I only wish you could see the upclose detailed shot of the face and all that intricate work.
:bulletpurple:Vangelis Vangelis by beccacox

Other Works by Becca: Elfin Tears by beccacox Midnight Magic by beccacox Drops of Moonlight by beccacox

~Time stops for no man. What might be here now, may not be tomorrow, be sure to live everyday as though it were your last. Be kind, be honest and be true; for in the end it is those who have done by deed and kind word who will have the richest of lives.~
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February 14, 2006