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Which dreams indeed are ambition, for the very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream.
~William Shakespeare~
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Okay peeps, I want to do some new promo here for a couple of people. I have been rather quiet as of late. Then again that is what happens when you are not painting or writing and sort of sit like a zoned out lump on a log... I know, such a wonderful mental image LMAO. Anyways, some artists with a unique style or just really cool stuff.

There is nothing that can be spoken about this artist that can entice or enhance the art more then it is already. The beauty by which each piece is created and the sheer poetry that each shows says more then any amount of words could ever give
:bulletpurple:Between Winter And Light Between Winter and Light by shadowgirl
:bulletpurple:Autumnal Equinox Autumnal Equinox by shadowgirl
:bulletpurple:Goddess of the First Star Goddess of the First Star by shadowgirl
:bulletpurple:Rise of Stars Rise of Stars by shadowgirl

~~~:blackrose: :butterflytwo: :blackrose:~~~

When I first came across the art that this artist has placed here, I thought that it was greyscale photography. Much to my amaze and thrill it turned out to be traditional charcoal artistry. Again, this is one of those artists whose work you have to experience to feel the full effect of emotion with which they create.
:bulletpurple:Persephone Persephone by cinquain
:bulletpurple:Petty Thievery Petty Thievery by cinquain
:bulletpurple:Resurrection Resurrection by cinquain
:bulletpurple:Haunted Haunted by cinquain

~~~:blackrose: :butterflytwo: :blackrose:~~~

Would like to announce though, that I have recently become the Lead of the Canadian Street Team for the Fan Base of The 69Eyes . Anyone looking to join or wanting to hook up for info and such just let me know. Looking to join the US Street Team and or be acknowledged as a Die Hard Fan Of the 69 Eyes, Clicky clicky.... let me bite you... just tell them RaNuit sent you with tidings of blood...

Find The 69 Eyes on MySpace:

~~~:blackrose: :butterflytwo: :blackrose:~~~

:star: My Clubs :star:
Size Acceptance Stamp by Bountiful :iconbountiful: Proud to be a Woman Of Size by Bountiful
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~~~:blackrose: :butterflytwo: :blackrose:~~~
~Time stops for no man. What might be here now, may not be tomorrow, be sure to live everyday as though it were your last. Be kind, be honest and be true; for in the end it is those who have done by deed and kind word who will have the richest of lives.~
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Submitted on
July 8, 2006