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Anything and Everything

Wed Feb 8, 2006, 2:26 PM
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Which dreams indeed are ambition, for the very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream.
~William Shakespear~
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Welcome to now fully subscribed account. I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way and say that I am most honored to be able to work and display among some of you.

:bulletpurple:I would like to say Thank You to my Sweet Sis Tracy, who bought me this subscription and
:bulletpurple:To the love of my life Logan, who has paid for the print service because he wants the world to be able to know my art and my soul.

I am hoping that with this journal I can now inturn give to others what has been given to me... a chance to be seen and known. I will be featuring artists and thier work here.  As well, I will feature some of my favorite galleries and stock models.
Here you will also find updates to my company " Artists Alley " and the work we do and put out, as well as when we are looking for that new and unseen artwork that would just add a great flare to an ever growing line of designs in which we offer.
~~~:blackrose: :butterflytwo: :blackrose:~~~

:star:Featured Artist:star:

  Marta Dahlig: Such sweet tones and graceful faces given to us to watch dance upon the mind. Every work ever produced by the skillful hands of this amazing artist has never once failed to amaze and stun me into staring at the work for hours on end. Her never ending talent puts me in a state of awe of what one can do with the technical tools of todays world.

Other Works by blackeri: Absolute by dahlig Eros+Psyche by dahlig The Seven Deadly Sins: VANITY by dahlig
~~~:blackrose: :butterflytwo: :blackrose:~~~

Rebecca Cox: Becca's art is beautiful down to the last detail. She catches moments of time in such a way that they make you look twice. Her latest peice is in my thought to be her most crowning achievement yet, because the detail in the small jewlery and dress trims are beyond real. I only wish you could see the upclose detailed shot of the face and all that intricate work.
:bulletpurple:Vangelis Vangelis by beccacox

Other Works by Becca: Elfin Tears by beccacox Midnight Magic by beccacox Drops of Moonlight by beccacox
~~~:blackrose: :butterflytwo: :blackrose:~~~

:star:Stock Model:star:
Lucias is one of Deviant Arts most popular Stock Models. Her sweet face and vivid expressions make her a most valued model for all us artists that rummage through the galleries looking for that one perfect image. But did you know, Lucias is not only a model but an artist as well. Visit her non stock account where her mind takes over instead of the camera

~~~:blackrose: :butterflytwo: :blackrose:~~~

:star:Up and comming news::star:

:bulletblue: Artists Alley will be releasing a few new designs come April in time for our next trade show.
:bulletblue: We are also looking for new artists. Fantasy, Gothic, Pagan, Mythical themes. We are on the great hunt for a new artist to add into the already present roster of artists whose work we design into cross stitch patterns for sale in the needle art industry. Interested in more details? Just drop me a note.
~~~:blackrose: :butterflytwo: :blackrose:~~~

~Time stops for no man. What might be here now, may not be tomorrow, be sure to live everyday as though it were your last. Be kind, be honest and be true; for in the end it is those who have done by deed and kind word who will have the richest of lives.~
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lucias-stock Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2006
:glomp: aww thank you so much!!! :hug: :cuddle:
RaNuit Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2006  Professional Artisan Crafter
how could I not hun... you are one of the best on all of deviant... you and lock, whom I still want to add into the mix... Paige left us so Dove-Stock no longer is anywhere ( makes a sad face )
Smiles... besides, you are really really good at what you do, and you are beautiful so i think you only add to my page ..hehehe
:blowkiss: good to have ya back hun
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February 8, 2006