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Save Me... complete painting by RaNuit Save Me... complete painting by RaNuit
.... can the lost be found, and the self-damned be saved...

This is the question that sits here before me while I paint this peice. At this time still unfinished it holds a deep meaning within me. Some passage of a twisted perspective on my life. When it is finished I will again submit it with the credits to those who are the models used in the painting. For now though I shall at least explain to you in the way I did my friends and family what this painting is about, and why it seems to be taking me so long to finish. ( the following is taken from my liveJournal, exactly word for word )

" My newest still in the works painting is behind this cut. It will be titled " Save Me "
Believe it or not this was originally the bondage painting I was doing called puppet master, there were supposed to be meat hooks in her and well ummm don't ask me what happened.
I was laughing at tracy about this last night, it seems like everything I do comes to be some hidden message from in my mind to myself. Like my canvas is a mirror rather then just a place I pour images from my dreams onto.
Oddly though, its kinda right on... I'm bound to the pillars of my past, lights that once were so bright that have now gone dormant and turned to stone. I bare myself to the world without thought and no matter what I do I'm always there bound in my dark insanity. I wrap myself in my spirituality ( the purple ) and always see my creativity ( golden hair ) falling away from me. So I remain there, lashed to the dead dreams that once were, watching as they pull me down into darkness. And there in the last moments, I cry out... yet I am blind to see that there is a hand held out to me, to lift me back up...blues of sorrow and tranquility, pale skin of purity and truth, hidden face, because the one who picks me up is nameless.. the body twisted and bent, turned so only one arm shows, telling me that to be saved I have to know and trust that they won't let go, even with only one hand holding me.

.... can the lost be found, and the self-damned be saved..."

and here within the back of my mind I wonder if this painting will ever truely be complete, or if i will walk in this manner like a ghost bound to its endless eternity to walk the mists within a graveyard upon the cloaking of the moon.

Stock used:
( cannot find the lady's link, its like she vanished) Angels_Fell_by_TMDYSTOCK ..... if you happen to know her can you drop me a note please

Male Model who seemed to change the whole direction of this painting, and to whom I state has the perfect posing for these pics he has.
FALLEN_ANGEL_GUSTOV_23 by Fallen_Stock [link]
Falln-Stock Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2006  Professional Photographer
this is a truly beautiful piece, i love the composition and colors. the mood is amazing, i can tell you spent a lot of time on this, very lovely.
RaNuit Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2006  Professional Artisan Crafter
thank you so much. I did indeed put alot of time into it, I think it took the longest of any peainting i have ever done. Thanks for the Fave too.
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