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Death of A King by RaNuit Death of A King by RaNuit
Earlier this year I released a painting called " To Awaken A King", which was based on the High Priestess of Avalon summoning the spirit of King Arthur and the Pendragon back to the living world.

This piece aptly titled: " Death of A King " portrays King Arthur lain for view of his mourners before he is buried. At his side weeping is his beloved Queen.

You might wonder why it is I have a cloth placed over the face of Arthur in this painting. Allow me to explain. I have an odd superstition that does not allow me to paint the faces of living people in the pose of death. Seeing that both models for this work are not only alive and married, I would hardly wish upon anyone to see a picture ( even if it is to portray something else ) of their loved one dead.

Models used for this: and his lovely wife
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LittleDark1 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2006
It's a lovely picture. A bit empty where the wall is, but still it fits in nicely because it doesn't draw attention away from the center.
I absolutely love the way you did the shadows on her dress. Could you tell me how you did it? Cos i always mess up when i do shadows :)
RaNuit Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2006  Professional Artisan Crafter
There really isn't a secret to the shadows hun. I use regular acrylic paints but when I have to blend in colors so that they flow well I add a medium to the paint called Retarder, it slows the drying time down and allows you more time to blend and work the paints together. Then I take the darker paint and do all my outlines or hard edges and when thats done I take the main color which is usually the medium shade and work it in making sure to cover the hard lines ( the retarder lets you see them because it makes the paint more translucent ). From there I just start going back and forth between the dark and light paints blending together till I get the desired look. I hope that helps a little.

Thank you for your comments, and yes the background is a little plain but I'm hoping maybe one day I'll get overly adventurous with it and brave enough to add something in. I was thinking of hanging two burners on the black panels ( large metal bowls that work like candle holders wrapped and hung with chain ).
LittleDark1 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2006
Wow... I'll never get the hang of coloring... Just started using acrylic paint and it drives me nuts... I don't have the patience to be an artist :cries:
As for the wall, maybe some swords or something...
lockstock Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2006
Beautiful work! It's as luminescent as a stained glass window.
RaNuit Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2006  Professional Artisan Crafter
I'm so glad you like it hun..... I always said that you and your smoochie were my king and queen of camalot.... so keep your eyes out, I might have a few more coming yet LOL
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December 16, 2006
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