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One of the pages I created for my twitch page: 
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You make some seriously sharp crisp lines. I am an old guy, I don't know what twitch is. Pretty much spend my time tracing, tracing, and tracing, (ad infinitum) to recover/develop skills. 

 I started drawing in '84 for my D&D games, I'd practice with Ben Dunn's Ninja High school, and my fascination with "Robotech". My skills included perspective, anatomy details, foreshortening, shadows, light sources and lighting. 
My family banned my creative efforts as "There will always be someone better". "Artists don't make money, they're called STARVING ARTISTS for a reason". Due to the demands of my military career, I missed out on learning how to use digital art tools. I struggle with Photoshop essentials, and drool over the idea of owning a Microsoft Surface Studio 2. I'll Save up for it.

I struggle to create everyday. Regarding my family? well, I recently sent them a link to the web comic "Cyanide and happiness".
There will always be critics,  what matters is how you keep going. Do You!
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First thank you. Secondly, thank you for your service. Thirdly, I'm no youngster either...I'll be 52 this year. so, one is never to young, or old for that matter, to create. I didn't start drawing again until my mid thirties, got my first book deal when i was 37, and just dove in from there. I have my fair share of haters, and I'm ok with that, can't please everyone, and I don't even try. I just try to keep improving, and honing my own skills.

Twitch is mostly a streaming site for gamers. There is an artist section, and that's where I hang out drawing and stuff. 
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Thanks, I'll go check it out.
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Is that link right?
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no - it fixing that now.
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She is so sexy
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one of my personal faves
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your style makes my eyes happy.
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thank you very much
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nice art... like it'd be bad XD

What do you stream on twitch?
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lol - eventually, I'll be doing pages, and layouts for pages and such. At the moment its character drawings, and commissions.
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Awesome, hopefully I can catch one or two :)
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