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Batgirl vs Supergirl

seemed like the right thing to do at the time....
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Bat thinks to herself, "Okay, I am fighting one pissed kryptonian who is high as F on RED K. That means my enemy will be moving as fast as she can go, hitting as hard as her strength allows, and searching for me across the entire planet with her unlimited super senses. I am F'd. 99.9999999999999% chance of being reduced to a protoplasmic smear on a moon of mars... 
well, I hope I make a nice cave painting...

Snap out of it batgirl! get your head in the fight. Yes the Kryptonians are tough, but they are also arrogant, they can be careless!

I can use pre-recorded decoys to lead her here and there all over earth, I can even hack the Sirius XM satellites to help with that. 
Worst comes to worst I can use my engineering knowledge to create funnel and fulcrum traps that Might work against her.

Let's see, the new chi-town wayne tower is ready to pour a foundation of Quickcement. I trick her into the foundation and then I can sink her in that. it won't hold her long, even once she hits the bottom.
I can rig really long Girders to swing together like a pair of massive shears... the ends will near the speed of light before they hit her. Its not my own personal doomsday bodyguard, but it will hit like one.

I can rig a batwing jet to ram, the fusion heat pile engines and a dive from orbit can accelerate it to Mach 25.  That ought to sting a bit. 

I can trick her into diving into a volcanic magma chamber, and then detonate the anti-eruption bomb network to collapse the caldera on her head. 

I can get her to chase a decoy through a mining tunnel and into the jaws of a rock crusher.

My cyronic implosion chamber has bose einstien condensate bullets, to heh, cool her off. 

My magnetics lab can see what happens if She passes between two 41.7 MEGA-Tesla electromagnets.

I can use Cern to smack her once, before she lobs it into the sun.

I can use the RED SUN vaults, and build a kind of dungeon maze to keep her busy as her power is drained down.

and I might survive a fight if I survive the "Doomsday serum" bruce developed to fight aliens. 

Not every fight has to be won with direct confrontation.
not every fight has to be won by exploiting weaknesses.
Sometimes you just gotta fight, and ... win."
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Pretty cool, like to see in color :)
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What's a little sparing between friends? 
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