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Trinity Redesign

By RansomGetty
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Finally popped back to those DC redesigns, and felt I could do a better pass at the main three. Finally have a Batman I think I like. 
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Does the bat have diarrhea?
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Thanks for the reminder as to why I quit this site...
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Bat diarrhea is why I left Austin, Texas.
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Esto es hermoso !
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Love WW's costume and S's costume makes sense, but Batman's outfit's the worst.
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I make them to please my own tastes! 
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Ironically the only one I like is the Batman one.

The others are fine, but I really like the Batman one.
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I like Wonder Woman's outfit!
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The technique is great, unfortunately all of the suits are a little to busy.
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i like these a lot.  i love the wonder woman much more than what DC came up with.
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The artwork is great, but I don't like the Superman & Batman redesigns. I always feel these guys should have very simple looks... but each to their own :-)
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The batman symbol looks like an elephant.
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Loving the wonder woman. But the Batman I think could use more detail on the chest. Other than that wonderful~
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My whole thought of Batmans suit here, was to have a sort of material fabric over his chest armor. I'm kind of over the muscle shaped body armor look so I hid it. I'm pleased with it, but I know I can't please everyone! Thanks!
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I know that's what you meant to do. Is just I felt like everyone else had much more detail than him.
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really digging that wonderwoman!
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These version looks great! You should have designed the costume for DC Earth One universe :D
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