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You're comics cool, when's it coming back?
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Well that Ro><Xo|2S.
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probably should to your porridgedarkly.com adress...
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Hey Ransom. I sent you PCD fan art.
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Where'd you send it? I don't think I recieved it.
You said it dude.
You said the cancer thing. And I went to the wrong house. Buy the owner did call the cops on me.
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Hey, Mr. Godfrey. You're the one who told me on MSN that you went to his house. You're the one wjho said to me that he called the cops when you got there. You told me he has cancer. That's why you said he doesn't post.

In other words, Ransom, if that's not true, why don't you post?
Well it's nice to chat with you. Oh since I'm stuck in AUS untill they let me bring water on the plane can I come over to your house?
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He dosen't have cancer, he's an ALIEN.

-Bill Gates and Clones
Well I like the direction the comic is going in. And do you have cancer? Frog says you do and that's why you don't post anymore.
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My cancer has nothing to do with my lack of posting.

Largely because it doesn't exist.
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I'm intrested to see how this goes, direction-wise. I mean, you'll be doing a serious comic, based on things that happened in random humor, so the whole thing will still be inheritly funny, no matter what. How will you work Godfrey in, though? His main character trait is randomness and the generation of slightly relevent objects. You're having a serious comic take place in one of the rooms on a dinghy made in a few minutes on a hot stove, so PCD, while seeming serious, is just funny no matter what.
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I sort of miss the funny.
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That's fine. But I'll point out that if the direction hadn't changed, the comic would simply have ended. I'm just not interested in making a mundane, random humour comic any more. I got that out of my system with the first 200 comics.

...Also, I'm aware of how slow-paced the story's been up to this point. It won't be like that for much longer.
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So... are any of the other Avatar characters coming back?
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I love the seriousness of it but the randomness is also good in short I like a lot of things but I am glad you are taking this break because if you don't it will get to you and effect the comic I should know it happened to a friend of mine once she is ok now but it effected her a lot

P.S. sorry to anyone who had trouble reading this grammar makes no sense to me so I don't know how to use it
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Is there a GOOD answer to that?
Or is it just a rhetorical question?
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So you were holding a gun at your head with one hand while holding a tablet pen in another. That's extremely freaky. But do what you need.


Who gave you a gun if they are illegal?
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That's a good question!
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it's okay we understand... well i do ^^;
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