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Saphire: Dark Wolf Legend

By Ranos
Saphire is my character from Monster Hunter Freedom 2

Dark Wolf Legend, thats the title I have on my hunters card. I need to kill 50 Yian Garuga and get 1,000,000 Giuld Points(the highest from any quest is 2500gp).

Saphire in Kirin armor(?) and useing the Crimson Lotus Blades. Killed some thing that was ment to be a Rathalos, but it didn't turn out right so I made it different colours.

Saphire is © to me
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© 2008 - 2021 Ranos
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Wow, so awesome!! : DDD
I love the details you put into this, it look amazing!
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She looks awesome!
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I'm glad you think so^-^
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Really cool!

The pose is great and I love how you made the legs!! And her butt. About the face, it's good but to make it even better, you should think of make smaller eyes, not too small since it's your style. And where you should place the ear, it should be over the jaw. If you feel on yourself, where the ear is. You will get what I mean ^^

The swords looks awesome! I love the design, so cool with the dragon looking. Since I can't draw them my self, it looks incredible!

Really good work over all, but the rocks, you should try to give them more texture, you now. Look harder. Your once looks like they are melting. Sorry I couldn't explain in a better way XD

The shading is AWESOME! But you should try out highlights, you know the light. It should look even more prettier 8)

Lovely work Ranos! I like it alot :D
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Thankya^-^ I'll keep your advice in mind.
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Goodie, you'r welcome :hug:
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oh thats was a really cool pic8DD i really like it the pose and every thing ^^
good job on this one ,keep it upp^^
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