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Commission: Ups and Downs

Finished (FINALLY FINISHED) commission for the ever patient Snowy-Arc!

Man, you're the best. Thanks for being so cool about everything, and I really hope you like the final image! If you'd like to write a short piece to go with this, feel free in the comments, or note me with something to add to this description! I'll do my best to picture the scene from what you gave me, of course!

Kyu (KyuremGirl) is laughing until she's crying at something supposedly suave Mooncatcher said (MoonOfSouls). He seems to think it's just his natural charm, but she's probably laughing that there's a spider on his back or something? Who knows, haha. Unbeknownst to the two of them, Snowy just found that their 'peaceful camp site' actually is rigged with Skyrim-esque traps.

Buuuuut he's being ignored. The delights of the life of an Adventurer!

oh god I probably messed up badly on that description. I sorry

BONUS! Here's the singular images for you lot to enjoy!

Snowypoint by RannarbananarMooon by RannarbananarKyulaugh by Rannarbananar 

DIES. Seriously, no more commissions for a while.

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Character(s) @ Snowy-Arc, MoonOfSouls, KyuremGirl 
Artwork @Rannarbananar 

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MoonOfSouls's avatar
Aww! This is so adorable! Thank you, Snowy-Arc for the gift! It's amazing! XD  Just look at all of them together, another day of adventure. I'm surprised Snowy isn't used to it. >w<

Well he can say "I told you so" when Moon and Kyu set a trap off and the KyuremGirl will punch the crap out of me because "Karma" and it'll be my fault! 8'D

Marvelous job, Rannie! I can only imagine how long this took! Are you still alive? Rannie? *pokes* RANNIE LIVE! DX
Snowy-Arc's avatar
^u^ Indeed it is. Don't mention it, Moon. :huggle: Yeah, Snowy should be used to it by now, but someday he might. He "might." Adventure awaits.

That he can. xD He did try to warn them for hours. 
But I am curious on how many traps there are. In Skyrim? Probably a few. XD
How will it be your fault Moon? You only set off a trap. xD
Rannarbananar's avatar
aha-mccoy's avatar
sucha  cute trio! you drew them all very well! must love all different expressions and poses. that blushing face is really really nice and cute! you drew them all very well .awesome pic!
Rannarbananar's avatar
I tried to vary them up, but still work collectively! I think it worked!
KyuremGirl's avatar
Awwww, this is so adorable! I'm sorry I wasn't able to comment last night, my computer died and the DA mobile app SUCKS.
This is such a cute idea, Snowy-Arc! Awwww, I just wanna snuggle them!
Kyu looks like she is having so much fun! Ahaha~
I think what's making me laugh the most is to what Snowy is gestering to! It's a trap guys... Hello? Heeello...?

I believe this is your first time drawing Kyu, Rannie! You did a wonderful job!
Rannarbananar's avatar
I avoid the DA app like the plague, haha. I just run it on my phone's web browser except for notes. 

But yeah, I sort of got the feeling from the original description that he would be more concerned than the other two, since they're just in their own little world of bad jokes and fits of laughter. 

I drew her once before, but only as a chibi, so a lot different to this image! I am glad you like how she turned out though!
KyuremGirl's avatar
Oh, yeah, I don't use the actual app, I use my phone's browser. The note system really really sucks on the phone.
Ah, that's right! That cheebs drawing! Eee, she's so cute!
Snowy-Arc's avatar
^u^ Yes, yes it is. That's quite alright, Kyu. There's no need for an apology.
:3 Trust me for thinking up something cute like this, right? KyuremGirl xD It's super adorable. You can go snuggle them, Kyu. Don't hold back. xD Go snuggle them like a plushie.
Indeed Kyu does look like she's having fun. She is having a ball~
He's trying to warn them, but nobody is listening to him. xD
Snowy: "Guys... hello? Hello......? Seriously guys!"
If you want to Kyu. You can add a short piece to this. :) It's almost like a short story. The title (work in progress maybe) "The Trap"
KyuremGirl's avatar
I will snuggle them like de plushies~ :heart:
I think your story fits them the best! XD
Snowy-Arc's avatar
XD :heart: They're going to be cuddly. ^-^
Aww, ^-^ Thanks, Kyu.

Moon: "Hey, Kyu~"
Kyu: "Yessss, Moon?"
Moon: "A horse walks into a bar, and the bartender asks, "Why the long face?"
Kyu: "Hehehe~"
Snowy: "Seriously! Guys? The place is covered! With traps. You might get an arrow to the knee or something like that."
KyuremGirl's avatar
*rolls over dying*
Snowy-Arc's avatar
Moon: "Kyu."
Kyu: She is trying her best to catch her breath, "...Yesss Moony~"
Moon: "Why did the horse cross the road?"
Kyu: "Why?"
Moon: "Because somebody shouted hay!"
Kyu: "Stop it~ Moon, I'm dying here."
Snowy sighed softly.
Moon: "What type of computer does a horse like to eat?"
Kyu: "I don't know."
Moon: "An apple."
MoonOfSouls's avatar
Snowy-Arc's avatar
Those jokes were hilarious.
KyuremGirl's avatar
XD Where are you getting these?!
Snowy-Arc's avatar
xD My friend once told me some horse jokes, I only can remember a few he told me, but he did give me the website before he moved to Australia. ;P…
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Jatheus's avatar
Very cute scene! Well done!
Rannarbananar's avatar
Thanks buddy! ☆3☆
kyo4kusanagi's avatar
this is just awesome dude nice one ~~
Rannarbananar's avatar
You're too kind!~
kyo4kusanagi's avatar
XD awww and so does you buddy~~
Snowy-Arc's avatar
Hold it, hold it.… !!!
It's absolutely perfect. There will be a short piece to go with this, but I think I'll work on it with MoonOfSouls & MoonOfSouls  But as for now I'll drop something down. xD
Thank you so much, Rannar. ^-^ I love it! After the things that have been happening lately. This made me smile.
You've done such a spectacular job on this, you worked very hard on it. :) 
I hope Kyu and Moon love the surprise.
Their horns are nice and pointy. ;3

Snowy: "Hey, guys. Perhaps we shouldn't have set up camp here. The place is literally covered with booby traps. Ummmm, guys?"
Moon: "So, a pirate walks into a bar with a wheel in his crotch.. The bartender says "Hey, man, what's with the wheel?" And the pirate says "Argh! It's driving me nuts!"
Kyu: She's having a laughing fit.
Snowy: "Guys? Did you hear me."
Moon: "What is a pirate always looking for when it's always behind him?"
Kyu: "What?"
Moon: "His booty." ;3
Kyu: She kept on laughing, "Stop it~"
Snowy: "Hey, wait a minute. I told you those jokes!"
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