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Commission: Trippin'

Finished commission for Honeycrisp1012, of her Melursus Wildling, Sylvanie!

Of course, I had to try and do the silly pose out of the options we discussed! Turns out, there's like, no references for horses/ponies falling and/or tripping over b.b 
So cartoon logic to the rescue, along with comical long Wildling legs. The image looked really imbalanced without her furthest back leg pointing down, so I used that one instead of the 'hidden' hoof that was my initial plan. 

Anyway, hope you like the final result hun! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 


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I adore how you did the pose! It looks like one of these pictures "second before the disaster" xD
Rannarbananar's avatar
Hah, I can totally see it now, with her face planting the floor, or alternatively spinning out of control, legs flailing everywhere!
aha-mccoy's avatar
hehe the tripping pose is adorable! you also did her face very well! he fluffy fur is also super cute! great job! <3
Rannarbananar's avatar
Pillonchou's avatar
Great work as always Annie ♥
Rannarbananar's avatar
mortalshinobi's avatar
love her expression
Rannarbananar's avatar
It makes me giggle a bit xD
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kyo4kusanagi's avatar
She is so cute and lovely design too XD love the shading ~~~
Rannarbananar's avatar
Honeycrisp did a great job with converting her to a Melursus! And thank you!
kyo4kusanagi's avatar
Sure thingg cx cx !she is great cx
Vira-Viru's avatar
She trippin balls too XD
but this is awesome!
Rannarbananar's avatar
Well, maybe not ;P

But thanks!
KirillK's avatar
It's really nice.
Rannarbananar's avatar
Thanks! I appreciated the challenge!
StarkindlerStudio's avatar
Daww, poor babbin! This is really cute, gave me a much needed laugh. :)
Rannarbananar's avatar
I am glad it amused you! :D
Honeycrisp1012's avatar
Sylvanie just can't help being just a bit clumsy, as the earth seems to have all these wrinkles that only her skilled hooves can find. 

I adore it! Sylvanie looks amazingly adorable, as i knew she would! 
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