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Advent Wildling: Last Snowflake

December 29th - Last Snowflake

Cue the jokes about the Last Snowflake being a very special snowflake.

The first (and only) albino in the Echinoden clan! Of course being born into a desert clan wasn't the kindness of places for a foal who lacks any black pigment, but her specially made scarf and decorations allow her to change her arrangement so she can be protected as much as possible. Think that the frames around her can be used like a frame for a tent. She's still young, and who knows if she even still lives in the desert though? 

This gal is an idea I had for a long time, and honest to god I didn't want to let her go. But at least I know that ScorchedPoet will take super great care of her, and flesh out her story, because it really does need to be explored! I hope the higher price was still worth while!

I am pretty sure she's also my first Albino adopt? 

Albino Wildlings don't have to be white! Nor do they just have red/pink eyes! It's actually a lot more common for them to have blue or green eyes, same for albino people!
Their hooves and ear trim are also affected - still somewhat coloured, just not dark!


Clan: Echinoden
Traits given are the following:

• Deer ears
• Genetic fault - Albino 
• Light hooves (albino)
• White hair (albino)
• Echinoden scarf (special)
• Downward hip wings (Echinoden)
• Echinoden elongated horn

Are you keeping up to date with the Advent Calendar? If not, check out all the dates so far here!

Wildling Unicorns Advent Calendar 2017 (Sold out!) by Rannarbananar 
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kyo4kusanagi's avatar
eeeep beautiful~
Rannarbananar's avatar
Glad you think so!
kyo4kusanagi's avatar
XD always think XD
templar127's avatar
Pretty design!
Rannarbananar's avatar
Thank you! Glad you like!
NoxxPlush's avatar
I'm so jelly of Victor... I may have to make her some art :p She's so damn pretty what the heck Annie!!!
Rannarbananar's avatar
Mhmmmyes! I want to see all the art of her!
99liberty's avatar
Such a pretty design!!
mortalshinobi's avatar
nice soft expression here
Rannarbananar's avatar
Glad you think so, friend!
mortalshinobi's avatar
Cuddlepug's avatar
Wow! This is a truly gorgeous design! The only albino - ScorchedPoet got super lucky to have such a unique character!
Rannarbananar's avatar
Indeed so! Nail on the head!
ManiacalMage's avatar
Holy Cheeze  she's gorgeous-
Rannarbananar's avatar
Indeed! I was very tempted to keep her!
ScorchedPoet's avatar
She's just so beautiful. I'm really so lucky to have gotten her!

Fareeha shall be her name. And i can not wait to discover her further! :)
Rannarbananar's avatar
I will hold you to that! 
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