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EDIT: uploading the fullpicture

a drawing I made for a dual picture for the interior cover of my next self publish book "circus-swan lake", it'll be a book printed in black and white+gold pantone i'm so happy to be able to finally work on it ^_^
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Umbra witch and Lumen sage <3
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Love the colors. May I use this in some wall art for a virtual world?
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It reminds me of Alphonse Mucha posters (I love his artworks). Very good composition. Great job! :)
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what a beautiful choice of color! so delicate and at the same time simple~
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I love the choice to use minimal colors
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Elle a un air de muucha J'adore!!
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Yeah Circus! I am so happy you finally work on it *_____* So exciting!!!
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I'm sure you hear this all of the time but you so amazing! Please keep it up xD I wish you the greatest success!!
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La vache, Rann, c'est magnifique *_*
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That sounds cool. The lower half is a nice contrast.
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A part la colonne vertébrale visible (mais c'est le style de cette histoire) j'aime bien et j'attends de voir ce que tu vas en faire ^^
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You should honestly draw your own manga.. I am so interested in how it would come out.. I can imagine a gothic lolita alice in wonderland for some reason..
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C'est toujours aussi beau... Décidément, t'es vraiment l'une de mes dessinatrices préférées.
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yeeeey circus is been worked :'D!!!
that's my fav story from yours!
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awesome and incredible!
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Very beautiful! I like that it isn't distracting me with colours everywhere. Just a simple, elegant drawing. Very nice!
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The details are just.... O___O
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C'est vraiment beau... J'aime beaucoup le contraste entre la douceur et la douleur !
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Te voir travailler sur Circus me procure autant de plaisir que toi ! Les roses, les cartes, et les horloges de X-Down ont besoin de faire une pause oh ! :la:
En tout cas, j'adore cette composition ! Le rendus doré sera magnifique !!
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X3 her pelvis makes her look even more like a swan
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