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XDOWN- alice red design

yeah I have nothing to upload sad sad life bear with it for the end of this month and i'll be able to do a bunch of real pictures :D....

this is the design of alice red dress that is seen on X-Down 0 cover . I have to do the reference for the queen of heart outfit tonight XD ....
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Nooooooo I love her dress!!!!!Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Eyes) [V6] 
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REminds me alot of Yuuki Cross's dance party dress... is that where u got the idea from? well either way... its uber adorable
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this outfit is no words can descirbe how much I love it. I always love the concept of alice inwonderland and any variation of it.
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Absolutely beautiful u v u <3
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Oh this is lovely O>O :heart: i really love the design :3 :iconheartflowerplz: it is stylish, feminine and still sophisticated XD
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is slenders wife ;D lol
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Beautiful character design! :heart:
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i love the outfit!
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c'est cro beau, surtout que j'adore le personnage de alice!
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oh o.o =[] i do love this is it ok if i make this to wear/cosplay in the future? once i'm done all credit of the design goes to u of course
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I love this outfit ;u; :heart:
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beautiful dress. Is this the Queen of Hearts' dress?
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je veux que sa soit ma robe de mariage XD
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Is this available in english???
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will you put up ur xdown in english here?
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xdown isn't a webcomic
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oh too bad. I would have loved to have read it.
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This is absolute coolness! Really amazing and creative.
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