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::X-Down chapter 5-page 01::

First page of the new chapter of X-Down ^_^ sorry for the looong time I took to finally start this chapter ^_^
Q:What's X-Down?
R: X-Down is an Alice in wonderland comic made by me
Q:Where can I read it?
R: It's only available for sell here >> [link]
Q: When is the new chapter going to be released?
R: For Japan expo 2012
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please tell me how i can get a copy (doesnt matter if i have to pay) i seriously want to read it (in english if its possible)
please please please please pleaseeeee 
britneyadorable1609's avatar
Your link doesn't work... :(
UnluckyxSe7en's avatar
aaawww, it's no longer listed there... (o0__0o) That makes me sad... T_T
vividstarlightdream's avatar
i want to read this englishhhhh :( knew i should've stuck with my french in school. your artwork is beautiful I want to actually read thisssss.
Hero-of-Manga's avatar
I love your artwork and it took me ages to find it from poison cage because I couldn't find a link but I love all the detailed art and have always loved the alice in wonderland story thank you for making it so much better and my favourite has got to be the mad hatter and the cheshire cat you drew. :3
Hero-of-Manga's avatar
Wow Rann-Rann I really love all your designs especially the mad hatter one, It took ages to find this from poison cage as it didn't really explain much but it's a pleasure to be able to read your work thank you.
SakyHestin's avatar
Bon sang, j'adore vraiment ton travail, j'ai déja le 1e de momento et j'atend le 2e avec impatience, mais j'aimerais savoir si il y a un endrois ou je peux trouvé les X-Down, je sais que c'est sur les salons, le problemme c'est que je suis en Belgique, se qui complique l'accet, donc tu compte venir un jour a un de nos salon ? comme la Japan Expo belgium ou la Made In Asia ?
5Ds-rabid-fangirl's avatar
Your style is sooooooooooo amazing and lovely~~:heart: I love all the detail and the style of the clothing~~:heart: :heart:
If I get enough money saved up I'll try to buy it!!!!
SamGorsuch's avatar
Wow. Your work is really impressive.
sigh.. it's stuff like this that makes me less confident in my comic art... lol
angeliIy's avatar
cheshiremmw's avatar
hahaha! so cool and awsome!
titekame's avatar
YOUPI je suis sure que ça va être super!
Azeher's avatar
I so love everything you do <3.<3
It might sound cheesy but I can't help get inspired when I see your drawings. I kinda think your style has something that makes everyone feel that way.

I swear if I had the money I'd buy your stuff.
xXrandomchanXx's avatar
YOU ARE WAY TOO GOOD! i really want to know how did you practice to get so good at anatomy and everything did you draw like a lot of different pictures of peoples bodies or did you do something else? sorry i just really want to be as good as you someday!!!
Elizabeth24's avatar
Senyake's avatar
I wonder if you can make a tutorial on how to draw a chibi, step by step? :).
AlixStorm's avatar
How do make comics like thet?
KeepOnBelieving's avatar
It requires talent X3
KENZICHII's avatar
I was wondering if you ever posted a summary of X-Down anywhere? I've been looking for it forever and I just want to know what it's about.
chiutina's avatar
I like this.
soymaladibujando's avatar
*-----------* Genial!!! sensei!! jeje
Louna-chan's avatar
C'est super ! Il sera adapté en bd/ manga ?
rann-poisoncage's avatar
c'est une bd amateur disponible en convention comme japan expo ^_^ sur mon stand
Louna-chan's avatar
Je l'avais vus sur ton stande mais vus qu'il etait en anglais et que je suis pas tres doué ... Je me suis dit que j'allais attendre en meme tant que Momento ... =)
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